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Learn how to get all of your leads into the Homebot app using a Zapier Integration with CallAction.

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Homebot App Leads via Zapier

Are you generating real estate/mortgage leads that you would like automatically synced into your Homebot App?

Learn how to use CallAction to Homebot app Zapier integration and automatic lead follow-up workflow or generate leads with Homebot.

You need to get Zapier access from Homebot unless you already have Homebot Zapier access.

Request Zapier Beta Access for Homebot App

  • ➡️ Text 'Homebot Zap' to (515) 375-5550

You'll instantly get a text message with a link to request Zapier access for your Homebot app. Once you Homebots beta access to Zapier you are ready to setup this workflow with the CallAction sales engagement platform.

Any lead capture of synced into CallAction via API, email parser or text for info tool will automatically sync into Homebot in real-time.

Setup Homebot Integration with CallAction

  1. Login to Zapier to build Zap

  2. Click Make Zap

  3. Enter CallAction.co in Choose App & Event

  4. Choose Trigger Create Contact

  5. Select your CallAction account

  6. Enter Zap name, CallAction > Homebot

  7. Click Test Trigger

Next, we will setup a Zapier Filter to only send leads with email addresses.

  1. Click on (+) sign to add a step

  2. Click on Filter by Zapier

  3. Select Email from the Only Continue if drop-down

  4. Select Text Contains

  5. Enter the @ sign (this will work for all valid email addresses regardless of extension)

  6. Click Continue

Lastly, we will connect the Homebot app to create a contact.

  1. Enter Homebot in the Choose App & Action field

  2. Select Create Client in the Choose Action drop-down

  3. Select your Homebot app account

  4. Select the Email field, click on CallAction New Contact

  5. Select the CallAction Email merge field

  6. Select First Name from CallAction merge fields

  7. Select Last name from merge fields

  8. Select Phone to merge into Mobile Phone field

  9. Click Continue

  10. Turn On your new Homebot Zap

All leads with email addresses captured into CallAction can then be instantly sent into your Homebot app to receive their personalized Homebot reports.

Don't Forget to Turn on Zapier on CallAction Numbers

You can have this workflow run on one or all your CallAction campaign numbers.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage of the numbers you want to send leads into Homebot

  4. Scroll and click on Integrations

  5. Turn ON Zapier

Once this Homebot workflow is completed you should try a test and login to Homebot to make sure everything is syncing correctly.

Automated Homebot Lead Follow Up with CallAction

You can now follow-up with all of your new Homebot leads with a personalized text drip campaign to see if the consumer has any questions about their Homebot reports they receive via email every 30 days.

This Homebot app workflow works for realtors and loan officers and lets you sync leads from various lead sources like Zillow, Realtor, Lendingtree or any leads in your real estate CRM connect to CallAction like:

  • Ylopo to Homebot

  • Boomtown to Homebot

  • Follow Up Boss to Homebot

If you have questions about other possible workflows, use the live chat via the blue circle in the bottom right corner of this page.

Try this Homebot + CallAction Workflow for Free

If you have a Homebot login and would like to try this automated workflow with CallAction, signup for a free trial now. You can setup a CallAction call capture number on your Homebot app profile to track inbound calls from your Homebot landing page or leads calling from the Homebot report.

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