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How to Integrate CallAction to My Apps with Zapier?
How to Integrate CallAction to My Apps with Zapier?

Learn how to setup CallAction app integration with Zapier to build Zaps and custom workflow automations.

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Connect CallAction to Zapier My Apps

Leverage Zapier and CallAction workflows to help your sales and marketing automation processes. Save time by eliminating data-entry into CRM's or automate your lead follow-up and nurturing.

Simple Steps to Integrate CallAction with Zapier

  • Get your CallAction Zapier Invite

  • Connect Your CallAction App

  • Build your CallAction Zaps

Let's get started.

CallAction Zapier API Token

Get CallAction Zapier Invite

Use new two-way CallAction Zapier integration named (1.0.0). If you have the older (Legacy) version, you'll need to update. Here's how to get the new version.

Add New Two-Way Zapier App

  1. Login to your Zapier

  2. Click on My Apps

  3. Search for (1.0.0) by Invite

  4. Click on Invite

  5. Post your CallAction API key

Start Building your CallAction Zapier Zaps

You are now ready to start building your Zapier workflows.

Get a Free Trial to Test with Zapier

If you are not currently a CallAction user, you can signup for a free trial to test some workflow automation using CallAction and your favorite Zapier Apps.

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