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Learn how to setup a KVCORE / Kunversion real estate CRM API integration with

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How to Integrate KVCore with CallAction

Automate your call tracking and data-entry into your Kunversion / KVCore CRM with powerful API integration. 

Features & Benefits of the Kunversion / KVCore + CallAction API 

Here is a list of some of the advantages of this integration.

  • Eliminate CRM data-entry to save time & build database

  • Complete call capture & conversation tracking

  • Syncs all text message communication into your real estate CRM

  • Leverage our call broadcast tools for your real estate team

Setting up your KVCore integration take 2 mins. Learn how below with this step by step guide. 

Setup Guide for Kunversion / KVCore + CallAction

  1. Login to your CallAction account

  2. Click on your Profile 

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Enter your Kunversion login email

  5. Enter your Kunversion password

  6. Click Save All Changes

Turn KVCore Integration ON / OFF on specific CallAction numbers

We provide you with the flexibility to determine which CallAction number you want to push data into KVCore. You may be using a campaign number for recruiting and you don't want those inquiries to be sent into your real estate CRM. 

  1. Login to your CallAction account

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage of the number to turn ON / OFF integration

  4. Click on Call Settings

  5. Click on Integrations

  6. Toggle Kunversion / KVCore ON or OFF as desired

  7. Click Save All Changes

Kunversion CRM API Settings

After connecting your KVCore real estate CRM integration, you'll see some setting options. 

Active - ON / OFF. Default setting is ON. This indicates if this current API integration is currently turned ON or OFF to sync data across the entire account level (vs. phone number level of the manage settings).

Collect All  - Default setting is OFF. This is used if you have a master account & you want to collect all leads from all numbers to a specific KVCore API account. In most cases this will be set to OFF.

Contact & Activities Info Format - This setting let's you pick either HTML format or plain text format to insert data into your KVCore CRM. Html is the default and creates active links directly in your KVCore notes to access information. 

Are you having trouble connecting all of your systems together?

Running Multiple Systems? Push to All Simultaneously. 

CallAction is the leader of native API integrations in the real estate industry. You can run multiple integrations to connect all of your systems together. 

You can view entire list of integrations which allows you to build powerful workflows to automate your real estate business.

Try this KVCore / Kunversion + CallAction Integration Now 

Learn first hand how this /  Kunversion real estate CRM integration can save you time, make you more money and improve your real estate lead conversion rates. We offer a free 14-day trial and demo of CallAction to all KVCore real estate CRM users. 

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