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Top Producer CRM API Integration
Top Producer CRM API Integration

Learn How to Connect Top Producer CRM API to CallAction. Automate Data Entry into the TopProducer Real Estate CRM with CallAction Automation

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Easily integrate CallAction and Top Producer Real Estate CRM

Using our powerful API integration you can have every inbound call, text message or email lead automatically imported directly into your Top Producer CRM.

Every activity such as full call recording transcriptions, text messages, notes on CallAction is automatically logged directly into your real estate CRM.

Set Up Top Producer API Integration

  1. Login to your CallAction

  2. Click on your "Name" at the top right

  3. Scroll down and click on "Integrations"

  4. Click on "Top Producer" button

  5. Enter your Top Producer user name

  6. Click "Save All Changes"

  7. Option: "Collect All". If you want all leads from every CallAction phone number imported into Top Producer, turn "Collect All" to "On". If not, you can do individually per each CallAction Phone Number.

  8. Click "Save All Changes" and you will see "Top Producer is Now Connected"

Next, set up Top Producer Integration on each CallAction phone number

  1. Click "Phone Numbers"

  2. Click "Manage" on your CallAction phone number

  3. Click "Call Settings"

  4. Scroll down to "Top Producer" slider

  5. Click slider to "On"

Congratulations, you have now fully integrated your Top Producer real estate CRM with CallAction.

You may also integrate Top Producer with CallAction using email parse and your dedicated Top Producer email address.

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