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Export Eventbrite Attendees into CallAction & your CRM or Excel
Export Eventbrite Attendees into CallAction & your CRM or Excel

How to automatically import Eventbrite attendees into CallAction to start a automated event reminder drip campaign and sync to your crm

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Step by Step Setup of Eventbrite and CallAction integration

Do you use Eventbrite to setup ticket registrations for your events like seminars or client appreciation events? 

Save time and increase attendance by using this Eventbrite + CallAction workflow to do streamline the following: 

  • Import eventbrite attendees into CallAction

  • Sync from CallAction to your integrated CRM

  • Start a drip campaign to remind your guest to attend

Setup this workflow with a Zapier zap. Simply follow the step-by-step guide below. 

Note: This assumes you already have an event page setup on Eventbrite and you have the phone number field is required. 

You will need your CallAction email address for your CallAction campaign number you will be using. 

Go to your campaign numbers  to get your email. 

Setup Eventbrite > Zapier Zap > CallAction  

  1. Login to your Zapier account

  2. Click Make a Zap button

  3. Choose Eventbrite as Trigger App 

  4. Select New Attendee Registered

  5. Click Save + Continue

  6. Select your Eventbrite event

  7. Select Organization holding event

  8. Click Save + Continue

  9. Test Step and Continue

Now will setup an email to be sent to your CallAction accounts email parser to import lead. 

  1. Click Add Step

  2. Select Action/Search

  3. Select Email by Zapier

  4. Enter your CallAction Email in the To: field
    Note: you can add a second email address separated with coma if needed

  5. Enter a Subject Name

  6. Body field you will create the email formate exactly as follows:


  7. Click box to left of field and select merge fields. Be sure there is a black space between : & merge field.  Email should like the image below. 

  8. Force Line Breaks set to yes

  9. Click Continue button

  10. Click Send Test by Email by Zapier

  11. Name your Zap & Activate

Now every new eventbrite attendee is automatically sent to your CallAction email parser and imported into your CallAction. 

Sync Eventbrite Attendees into your CRM

Save tons of time in eventbrite attendee data-entry. 

If your CallAction account is integrated with your CRM, you leads will automatically sync into your CRM in real time. 

Remind your Contacts of your Eventbrite Event

Build a drip campaign to remind your attendees about your upcoming eventbrite event.

Export eventbrite attendee lists with email and phone into excel

Bonus, you can add an extra step to this custom zapier flow and automation export the attendees to excel or a csv automatically.

  1. Add step

  2. Select Google Sheets, excel or csv

  3. Complete zap.

Now you also have your eventbrite attendee list in excel, google sheets or csv. 

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