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Export Spacio Open House App Contacts to CallAction & Other CRMs
Export Spacio Open House App Contacts to CallAction & Other CRMs

Learn how to automatically sync your Spacio open house leads into CallAction to start an automated drip campaign via text.

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Setup Spacio Open House App Contact Export

Spacio open house app users can now sync leads into CallAction using Zapier. Next is a step by step guide to setup the Spacio integration. 

You'll be able to sync your open house leads in real-time. Start an automated text drip campaign to nurture the leads. Push leads into your CRM via a CallAction integration.  

You'll need the following: 

Let's get started. First you'll need your Spacio API key.

Get Your Spacio API Key

  1. Login to Spacio

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on My Account

  4. Copy the API Key

Next, we'll create the Spacio Zapier integration to send an email lead into CallAction via email parser.

Create Spacio Open House Zap

  1. Login to Zapier

  2. Click Make New Zap

  3. Search Spacio in the Choose Trigger App

  4. Select Spacio

  5. Click Save & Continue

  6. Click Connect Account

  7. Paste your Spacio API key

  8. Pick a Sample Spacio Lead 

  9. Click Continue

Next, you will create the email to send into CallAction email parser to import the lead in real-time.

Add Step to Your Spacio Zap

  1. Choose an Action App

  2. Select Email by Zapier

  3. Click Continue when you see Send Outbound Email 

  4. Setup the Email Template

  5. Enter your CallAction campaign email in the To: field
    (click here to access Numbers and Manage to get the Email Settings)

  6. Enter "New Spacio Open House Lead" in Subject field. 

  7. Body field enter the following templates:


  8. Click on merge field box in top right of Body field. 

  9. Insert Full Name next to Name: label

  10. Insert Phone next to Phone: label

  11. Insert Email next to Email: label

  12. Change Force Linebreaks to Yes

  13. Click Save + Continue

  14. Click Send Test Email

  15. Click Finish

  16. Name Your Zap Spacio to CallAction Email

  17. Turn On Zap

Done, now your leads will sync into CallAction in real-time. If you have CRM integrated with CallAction, the lead will also push into your CRM. 

Best Practices & Tips Spacio Email & Settings

Be sure to set your spacio account to require phone numbers. You can adjust the settings like the image below. 

If you are using the email drip campaigns from spacio in combination with the CallAction drip campaigns we recommend the following.

  • Update the agent phone number to the CallAction phone number you are using for text drip campaigns.

  • Setup CallAction drip campaign to complement your Spacio email sequence

  • Include links to your real estate IDX search site on both the emails & the CallAction text campaigns.

This will help give a lift to your open house lead conversion rates. 

Setup Your CallAction Open House Drip Campaign 

  1. Login to CallAction 

  2. Go to Numbers

  3. Click Manage of the campaign number you are using

  4. Click Save

Tip: Get the highest lead engagement by adding a voicemail drop, image text and also a video text to your drip campaign template.

Start other Workflows

You can also setup a sequence of other events but adding to your Zapier integration. Build your Facebook Custom Audience in real-time or export to an excel sheet or dialer. Get ideas from these CallAction workflows 

Try this Spacio to CallAction workflow free for 14-days

If you have an upcoming open house, setup a free 14-day trial on CallAction to see how much text drip campaigns can help your open house lead conversions. 

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