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BoomTown! Lead Integration
BoomTown! Lead Integration

Learn How to Setup CallAction to Automatically Import Lead Calls into Your BoomTown Real Estate Website / Leads CRM Platform.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry into Your BoomTown Lead CRM with Call Capture Lead Import Automation 

Are you tired of wasting time, money and opportunities doing manual data entry of your lead calls into your Boom Town CRM? 

Are you sure your agents are logging every real estate lead call? 

Inbound Calls via CallAction > BoomTown CRM

If an average lead takes just 3 minutes to enter into your BoomTown CRM and you get 100 calls a month, that's 300 minutes or 5 hours of your valuable time spent doing data entry. That 5 hours is hundreds of dollars of your time wasted by inefficiency.

Use this / BoomTown real estate leads integration to instantly capture, respond and track your most motivated real estate leads; phone calls. 

All your real estate lead phone calls will be automatically inserted into your BoomTown website CRM using real-time automation to help you quickly and accurately build your database of buyers and sellers.

Setup individual CallAction call tracking phone numbers on each of your offline or online marketing channels to insert and tag your leads in your CRM, allowing you to easily measure your marketing ROI.

Call Solution for Your Real Estate Team 

If you have multiple agents using BoomTown, you can use our real estate team plan to assign each agent their own phone number. Our automation inserts every real estate agents' call into their individual BoomTown account, saving them time and allowing them to focus on lead follow-up, prospecting and helping clients.

Get Your Boomtown Lead Calls Answered Instantly using "First to Claim" Call Broadcast

If you are buying real estate leads on Zillow, Realtor, Homes or are generating your own inbound calls from yard signs, Facebook, direct mail or other advertising, this integration will also help you.  

Send all the calls into your call broadcast tool and let the agents compete to answer calls. CallAction can then insert that lead call directly into the agents individual BT CRM account, saving you time while increasing lead conversion.

Get Started Now, Done in Two Minutes

You can fully integrate CallAction with BoomTown in less than two minutes with two steps.

  1. Copy your @MyBoomTownLeads.Me email address.

  2. Insert your @MyBoomTownLeads.Me email address into the CallAction lead export integration field in call settings and save.

Done! You have just integrated CallAction with your BoomTownROI real estate CRM.

Need more detailed instructions? 

View detailed step by step instructions with screenshots to setup this powerful integration below.

Find Your @MyBoomTownLeads.Me Email Address in Your BoomTown! Website

Start setting up your CallAction / BoomTown integration by getting your BoomTownROI email address.

  1. Go to BoomTown Login

  2. Click on top left navigation icon to view options

  3. Click on "Tools"

  4. Click on "Auto-Import Leads"

  5. Click on blue "Get Started" button

  6. Copy your "@MyBoomTownLeads.Me" email address

Now, you are ready to setup your CallAction to BoomTown CRM integration.

Setup CallAction Lead Export Integration to Get Your Real Estate Lead Calls into Your BoomTown CRM

View instructions below to setup BoomTown as a CallAction lead export integration.


  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click "Manage" on the CallAction phone number(s) you want to integrate

  4. Click "Call Settings"

  5. Scroll down to "Lead Export Integration"

  6. Turn "ON" the "Lead Export Integration"

  7. Paste your "@MyBoomTownLeads.Me" email into the text box

  8. Click "Save" at bottom of page

Do you use CallAction to import email leads from other real estate lead sources that you also want to automatically export into your Boomtown account? 

If yes, you can follow the steps above except step 4, click on "Email Settings".  Note: make sure email leads are not already going into your BoomTown CRM or you may create duplicate leads.

Running a Real Estate Team on your BoomTown CRM Platform?

If your real estate team is using our call broadcast lead router (similar to Zillow Premier Agent "Jump Ball") to distribute lead calls to your team, you can have round robin assigned or claimed real estate lead calls inserted directly into your team members BoomTown CRM directly.

Simply follow the above steps to get the @MyBoomTownLeads.Me email for each of your real estate team members and insert the email address in their CallAction lead export integration. 

Are You Generating BoomTown Real Estate Leads via  Website Registrations?

If you are receiving real estate leads via BoomTown website forced email registrations, you can also automate your entire instant and long-term lead follow-up with our custom drip campaigns. View instructions for this Boomtown real estate lead follow-up  automation workflow.

Please use the chat tool at the bottom right if you have any additional questions.

Try This BoomTown to CallAction Integration Free 

Learn first hand how this / integration can save you time, make you more money and improve your real estate lead conversion rates. We offer a free 14-day trial and demo or our services. 

Take 10 mins to signup for CallAction now to try this BoomTown integration.

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