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Upload / Import Contacts

Learn how to import contacts into your CallAction account for lead follow-up and nurture. Upload contacts into a custom dialer call list

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Upload Contacts into CallAction from CSV file

Do you have old leads that you need to follow-up with? Want to use CallAction dialer for outbound calls to FSBO's or Expireds. Learn how you can upload contacts into your CallAction account to streamline your lead follow-up and nurture processes with text drip campaigns.

Importing leads can be down in minutes and only requires the following. 

  • Correctly formatted CSV file

  • Required fields: Phone Number

  • Recommended maximum contacts per upload is 500

  • Suggest multiple smaller segmented and tagged list by type for better tracking. 

Options When Importing Leads into CallAction

You will have several options when importing leads into your CallAction account. 

Data Append 

  • You can choose to do a real-time data-append of all the contacts you upload to find social profiles, emails, addresses and other information. There is an extra cost for each per contact data-append attempt regardless if we find data.

Data Append and Export to CRM

  • You can also do the data-append and export the contacts to your API connected CRM. 

Export to CRM

  • This option exports contacts directly into your API integrated CRM. 

Start Calling Contacts

  • You may start phone dialing the newly uploaded contacts by selecting this option. This skips the data-append and CRM export and takes you straight to dialing. 

  • Once a contact responds the lead is then created in your integrated CRM.

Step by Step Guide to Uploading Contacts 

Preparing the CSV file to upload. Here is a list of available fields to upload and an example CSV format. Must be in this order and phone number is only required filed. 

Please note, if you are missing data, leave the field blank. 

  1. Phone (area code and phone number) - Required

  2. Email Address

  3. First Name

  4. Last Name

  5. Address

  6. City 

  7. State (Two Letter Abbreviations Only)

  8. Zip

  9. Tags (you can import individual tags for each client, must include ";" semi-colon as divider of tags)

Save as a .csv file. 

Upload Contacts 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Click on Upload Contacts (limited access while on free trial)

  4. Select the Campaign Phone number to associate contacts
    Best Practice: Should add a dedicated campaign number for each contact / lead source, i.e. FSBO, expireds, etc.

  5. Enter a Dialer Call List name

  6. Create tags to apply in bulk to each contact during CSV import

  7. Select correctly formatted CSV file of leads / contacts

  8. Check to Agree to Acknowledgement

  9. Click Upload & Save Contacts

You will see a progress bar as we process your data upload. 

Upload Contact History

Here you can see all of the contacts you have uploaded. You can add more contacts to existing contact list or correct the failed uploads to process again.

  1. Go to Upload Contacts

  2. Scroll down to Upload Contact History

  3. Click on Upload More to edit

Failed Uploads

  1. Click on the download link

  2. Open the CSV file

  3. 1st column indicates reason for the upload error

  4. Make the required corrections

  5. Delete the 1st column

  6. Upload csv file again to append to list

Once, contacts uploaded into CallAction, you can then start a power dialing session from that call list. You can also manually text leads or used the canned text response. Once you have engagement with the lead and have a conversation, you can then apply drip campaigns.


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