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Capture & Engage Call Backs from Cold Calling Sessions
Capture & Engage Call Backs from Cold Calling Sessions

Use CallAction with Mojo dialer to database into your CRM & engage consumers returning your calls from your outbound telemarketing

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How to Maximize Opportunities from Your Calling Sessions 

Use this CallAction workflow to generate more business from your telemarketing efforts using a phone dialers.

About 70-90% of your outbound calls will not be answered depending on your call list. The majority of the time consumers will not answer because they don't recognize the number or they are not available to actually take the call.

Here is the workflow to maximize your return from your telemarketing efforts. 

  • Use a CallAction local number as the masked caller id to increase call answer rates.

  • Capture all of the inbound calls automatically and add them to your CRM

  • Distribute incoming calls simultaneously to multiple people via call broadcast to a team to answer hot prospect call backs

  • Automatically engage the inbound leads with drip campaigns

  • Stay top of mind with holiday text messages

Workflow Steps

Here is detailed steps of the workflow.

Setup CallAction Call Back Number(s)

We recommend you set a dedicated number for this workflow to get detailed insights.

Tip: Select a local number to display for increased engagement. 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Phone Numbers

  3. Click on Add Phone Numbers

  4. Enter desired Area code

  5. Optional - you can refine your phone number search to specific number series or vanity words

  6. Click search phone numbers

  7. List of available phone numbers will appear

  8. Select checkbox next to phone number(s) you want to add to your account

  9. Scroll to bottom, click "Get Selected Phone Numbers"

Tip: If you want to distribute call backs to multiple people simultaneously, use or call broadcast tool.

Set Campaign Name of CallAction to Tag Leads

Setup CRM Integration to Capture Call Backs

You can integrate CallAction with your CRM to capture the responsive leads and quickly build your database. 

Setup the Holiday Text System

Stay top of mind with all of your inquiries.

Setup Your Drip Campaigns

Follow-up on all leads automatically with custom drip campaigns that match your outbound calling offer.

Setup Your Masked Caller ID on your Dialer

Lastly, you need to set the caller id in your outbound phone dialer.  

 Now you are ready to maximize opportunities from your outbound efforts.

Try this CallAction Workflow

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