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Missed Call Voicemail Drop Follow Up
Missed Call Voicemail Drop Follow Up

Learn how to set up a ringless voicemail drop to follow up on non-responsive missed calls.

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Missed Call Ringless Voicemail Follow Up

Calls are your most valuable leads. Our call automations help you follow up and engage all inbound missed calls. The system will make three follow up attempts on all missed calls. 

The missed call voicemail follow up tool if for inquiries that have not responded to one your of the previous text automations. 

Missed Call Voicemail Drop Follow Up Process

Here is the current timelines and rules used by CallAction to follow up on your missed calls. 

  • 45 secs: send first missed call text message

  • If no caller engagement

  • 45 mins: send follow up nudge text

  • 15 mins (1hr total): send missed call voicemail follow up

Now you understand the logic and timeframes of the missed call automations, let's get started. 

Record Your Missed Call Ringless Voicemail Message

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Phone Numbers

  3. Click on Manage of specific number to activate

  4. Click on Call Automations

  5. Click Setup Voicemail Drop button

  6. Call (323) 531-5500 from your mobile number 

  7. Press 2 to start recording

  8. Read the script or create your own

  9. Press 3 to stop recording & listen

  10. Press 4 to save message

  11. Click to Select the newly recorded message

  12. You will return to Missed Call Automations 

  13. Click Save

If still no response, you can filter all your conversations in the conversation view to to attach a drip campaign to follow up long term. 

All inbound calls are captured and can be synced to your CRM automatically to save time in data-entry. 

Try Leveraging Missed Call Automations FREE for 14-Days

If you do marketing online or offline, you generate inbound calls. Use our call tracking and call capture with our built-in intelligent automation to help you convert calls to clients. 

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