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Missed Call Follow-Up Drip Campaign
Missed Call Follow-Up Drip Campaign

Learn how to follow-up with non-responsive leads using an automated drip campaign after the initial nudge text and follow-up voicemail drop.

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Non-Responsive Lead Follow-Up Drip Campaign

Missed calls are valuable opportunities. CallAction helps you engage every missed call with a multiple step follow-up process.  

How the Non-Responsive Follow-Up Drip Campaign Works

Here's how the missed call automation works:

  • Missed calls are sent initial missed call first text

  • if no response from the user, the 45 min nudge text is sent

  • if no response, 15 mins later non-responsive voicemail drop is delivered

  • if no response, you can start a long-term follow-up drip campaign which is the solution we cover on this help doc.

Setup the Non-Responsive Follow-Up Drip Campaign

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage of the campaign number

  4. Click on Call Automations

  5. Scroll to Non-Responsive Lead Follow-Up

  6. Make sure Voicemail Follow Up Drop is ON & setup

  7. Turn ON Follow Up Drip Campaign

  8. Click on Setup Drip Campaign

  9. Select your follow up Drip Campaign

  10. Click Save & Back

Done! Now every missed inbound caller who was non-responsive can be automatically followed-up with multiple times insuring you never miss an opportunity!

Build a Custom Follow Up Drip Campaign

You should build a custom follow up drip campaign or use one of the pre-made drip campaign templates

Power Dial Missed Calls using our Dialer

You can also build call list of missed calls and user our sales dialer to power dial all your contacts. 

Try CallAction Drip Campaigns Free for 14-Days

If you currently do any kind of offline or online marketing you can immediately increase your lead conversion with the CallAction Drip Campaign solution. We offer a free 14-day trial of the platform.

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