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How to Check Missed Calls
How to Check Missed Calls

Learn how to view missed calls from today and missed call history using the missed call filter.

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View Missed Call History

Quickly view your missed call history using both visual indicators and quick filters.

Missed inbound calls are displayed as a red phone number in the call history log. You can also filter the history view using the built-in missed call filter.

If you miss an inbound call, the CallAction missed call automation will automatically follow up with missed calls from mobile numbers via text message.

How to Check for Missed Calls

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Click on the Filter drop-down

  4. Select Missed Calls

You will see a list of all missed calls sorted in descending order (like your mobile phone) from most recent to oldest.

You can quickly call back the contact by using the built-in voip sales dialer or simply clicking the call button from the web app. If the contact doesn't answer you can then automate the follow-up by assigning a drip campaign.

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