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Learn how to add notes to a contact in CallAction and your CRM. Add a reminder text message to be sent when adding a note to a contact.

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How to Add Notes and a Text Reminder Message

Easily add notes to a contact in CallAction directly from the conversation view. 

You may also schedule a reminder text message to be sent at a specific date and time in the future with each note that is added to a contact record.

Adding notes to a contact record will also sync in real-time to any of the CRM that is API integrated.

How to Add Notes to a Contact from Conversations

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Select a Contact 

  4. Click on Add Note icon in message bar

  5. Enter Notes on window that slides out from right side

  6. Optional: Select text message reminder date and time

  7. Click Save

Process is the same on both desktop, iPad or mobile.

Adding Notes on Mobile with Voice Text Transcription

  1. Click on Add Notes field

  2. Click on Microphone icon on mobile keyboard

  3. Speak your voice note to transcribe to text

  4. Transcribed note is added to notes

  5. Click Save

Add Notes from Actions

  1. Login

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Click on Actions

  4. Click on Add Notes

Adding Notes from Contacts View

  1. Same as above

  2. Click on Contacts

  3. Select Contact and click Manage

  4. Scroll down to Notes

  5. Add Note

  6. Click Save

Next, when adding a note you can add reminder text message.

Add Reminder Text to Note

This will send you a text message reminder on a specific date and time. The reminder message will include copy of the original note and a link to go directly to the specific contact in CallAction.

  1. Add Note

  2. Click on Reminder Date field

  3. Select date and time

  4. Click Save

Added Notes are Synced to CRM

If you have a CRM integration turned on in CallAction, all notes will automatically sync to your CRM in real time. This allows you to easily add notes to a contact record while on mobile. 

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