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Add a New Contact to Start a Text Conversation
Add a New Contact to Start a Text Conversation

Learn how to start a new text conversation with a new contact not currently in CallAction. Easily add a new contact.

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Manually Add a New Lead to Start a Text Conversation

Want to add a new contact record to CallAction? Easily start a text conversation with a new contact in CallAction.

You can include emojis, image attachments in your initial outbound text messages for higher engagement. 

Steps to start a new contact to CallAction and start a new conversation on both mobile and desktop version.

If you are a CallAction client, click here to for quick step by step tour.

Add Contact via Mobile

Button to add new contact and start conversation on mobile view.

Add Contact via Desktop / Tablets

Button on desktop and tablet version.

Details steps to adding a contact below. 

How to Add a Contact to CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations icon 

  3. Click on the green Start Conversation button on top left

  4. Select a CallAction phone number to start conversation

  5. Enter a valid mobile number (required) for the new contact 

  6. Enter First & Last name

  7. Enter email address for contact

  8. Enter a text message or select one of your canned response templates.

  9. Click Text

What CallAction Does Next

Here's exactly what happens after you click the text button to start a new conversation.

  • New contact record is created in CallAction

  • If CRM integration is enabled, lead is synced to your CRM

  • If you have reverse data append, CallAction will do data append and update the contact record

  • Text message is sent to new Contact to start conversation

  • Conversation history is updated

Once the contact record has responded to your initial text message, you can then assign a drip campaign to follow-up or nurture the lead long term. 

Use Case for New Conversations

Some ideas to start new conversations with contacts. 

  • Direct email inquiries

  • Openhouse signup sheets

  • Old contacts not currently in CallAction

  • Recruiting contacts

Review some of our other workflows, blog or our private mastermind group for additional ideas.

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