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Assign a Contact to Another User
Assign a Contact to Another User

Learn how to transfer leads between CallAction users. Contact can be notified automatically via text when they are assigned to a new user.

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Transfer a Contact

You can easily assign leads to different users on the CallAction platform.

Improving the Contact Hand Off

Transferred contacts can be automatically sent introductory text messages and an automated response from the new user

Common Uses of Lead Assignment

  • Transfer contacts between sales people

  • ISA to Agent assignments or vice versa

  • Sales to staff

How to Assign a Contact to Another User

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Go to Conversation view

  3. Find the Contact to transfer

  4. Click on top right Actions

  5. Toggle Send Notifications if you want text notifications sent

  6. Select user to assign / transfer contact to

  7. Click Assign Contact

Done, the Contact will now be transferred out of the account to the new account. The new user can also start a drip campaign to do long term follow up. 

How to Edit Contact Assignment Text Notifications 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers 

  3. Click on Manage of the phone number to edit

  4. Click on Call Settings button

  5. Click on Advanced Settings 

  6. Go to Contact Assignment section

  7. Edit text messages

  8. Click Save

Done. You can now have seamless contact transfers between users.

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