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How to Create a SMS URL Link
How to Create a SMS URL Link

Create HTML SMS links to generate leads. Setup a click to text button to automatically send a text message via text call capture number

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Setup Click to Text Button or Link to a Send Text Message

Learn how you can setup a click to text SMS button or link using href and the sms schema. You can also create click to call links

Generate Leads using SMS URL Scheme

Use SMS link with a CallAction text capture number to generate leads that are synced into your CRM via an API integration.

<a href="sms:+1515375-5550">Send Us a Text</a>

You can also setup a href link to send a SMS with a pre-written text message.

<a href="sms:+15153755550&body=Hi%20there">Text Us</a>

You must use the %20 to insert spaces between words.

Create SMS URL with CallAction SMS Lead Capture Number

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Use CallAction number in the SMS URL link

1. Start with a href link.

<a href=""> </a>

2. Enter "sms:" into URL section of the href link scheme

<a href="sms:"> </a>

3. Enter your CallAction number with international +1 format

<a href="sms:+15153755550"> </a>

4. Enter your call to action in the displayed link text

<a href="sms:+15153755550">Text Us!</a>

Done, you have created a click-to-text SMS link.

Capture Leads via Text Message

Now, when a user clicks on the SMS link to send a text message inquiry to start a conversation, you'll automatically capture the phone number as a lead. 

You can combine this with a pre-formatted SMS message body and our text for info solution. 

  • Setup text for info tool with a keyword or phrase

  • Create SMS url link with the keyword / phrase pre-formatted in the text message body as seen below.

  • User simply clicks 'Send' to request information and CallAction text for info solution sends text response automatically.

<a href="sms:+15153755550&body=keyword">Text for Free PDF</a>
  • Wordpress / websites / landing pages

  • Contact us pages

  • HTML emails like mailchimp

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