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ElevatedREM / Leads2Listing Integration
ElevatedREM / Leads2Listing Integration

How to Setup Elevated REM / Leads2Listings Integration to Have CallAction Capture, Engage and Nurture your Single Property Website Leads

Updated over a week ago

Setup You ElevatedREM Single Property Website Integration

If you are using Travis Thom's ElevatedREM / Leads2Listings websites you can now engage those leads instantly using CallAction.

Use a CallAction call capture number as the contact number for the click to call buttons and setup an email forward to engage the form-filled leads.

Your leads can be nurtured using our holiday text campaigns or custom drip campaigns.

If you also have an CallAction integration to FollowUp Boss, CINC, Top Producer, BoomtownROI or other CRMs we will automatically export the ElevatedREM captured leads to those.

First, you will need your CallAction email and phone numbers.

Get Details from Your CallAction Account

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Select "Manage" of the CallAction phone you plan to use

  4. Click on "Email Settings"

  5. Copy your dedicated CallAction Email address.

Now we will move to your Elevated REM account.

Setup Elevated REM / Leads2Listing Email for Form-Fill Leads

Now every email lead will be automatically engaged, followed-up with and nurtured using CallAction. Best Practice: Be sure to update your autoresponder email with the same CallAction phone number.

  1. Go to Elevated REM Login

  2. Click on "Sites" tab in top navigation

  3. Click on "Miscellaneous" button of the selected single property website

  4. Enter your CallAction email address

  5. Click "Save Changes"

Setup Elevated REM to Capture Phone Call Leads

  1. Replace the contact phone number with your CallAction number

  2. Update your autoresponder email to show same phone number

That is it! You will now capture both email leads and phone calls from your single property website.

Promote Your Elevated REM / Leads2Listing Site using Text Capture Sign Riders

You can also use the CallAction text tool to promote your websites using a sign rider.  Simply setup a sign rider following our text tool instructions and in the body of the text response include a link to your website.

Not Currently Using CallAction with Your Elevated REM Websites?

If you have an Elevated REM account you can experience this first-hand with our free trial. Capture more leads and increase your lead conversion by following up instantly using our intelligent lead engagement automation platform.

Take 10 mins to setup a free 14-day trial today.

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