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Email Collection System

Learn how to use the email collection to capture emails & phone numbers within the CallAction text for info lead capture system.

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Easily Capture Emails & Phone Numbers with Email Collection

Quickly setup a "text your email for info" lead capture system using the CallAction text tool system. 

Instead of setting up a "key / response" in the text tool,  you can now ask people to text their email address to your CallAction text tool phone number to deliver an autoresponder message with emojis

Automate the follow-up to captured leads by attaching an automated text drip campaign while syncing captured data into your CRM or other integrations.

Text Your Email Lead Capture System 

This email lead capture system has many use cases such as:

  • RSVP for events via texting an email to a phone number

  • Opt-In & lead capture via text into newsletters

  • Lead generation for public speakers

Our system allows you to think of of the box to create a frictionless lead generation system.

How to Setup Email Collection in CallAction Text for Info System

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Numbers"

  3. Click on "Manage" next to your dedicated CallAction text tool number

  4. Click on "Text Tool Settings" button

  5. Click Email Collection "On" to activate

  6. Enter your pre-formatted text autoresponder message in the text box

    - Optional: Add a media attachment to your text autoresponders by clicking on   "Add Media"
    - Advanced:
    Attach a custom drip campaign from drop-down for automated       lead follow-up

  7. Click "Save"

Tips: You may have only the email collection or key code setting activated on your text tool. 

Done, you are now ready for frictionless lead generation via text capture.

View our powerful workflows and integrations within our sales & marketing automation platform.  

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