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How to Create a Click to Call Marketing Link
How to Create a Click to Call Marketing Link

Capture leads using a CallAction call capture number with a click-to-call link online. Get HTML code for click-to-call marketing.

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Click to call HTML code

Over 55% of internet access is now done via a mobile smartphone. Consumers are now familiar with using click to call buttons and links on major websites.  Some common click to call links: 

  • Google maps results feature click-to-call buttons to contact businesses

  • Google PPC ads have click to call marketing links & buttons (Click to call ads)

  • Mobile email converts phone numbers to click to call links automatically

Click-to-Call Usage is Growing Rapidly

1. Start with a standard HTML link tag like the one below:

<a href=""></a>

2. Enter your CallAction call capture phone number with no dashes in the quotes:

<a href="8557132255"></a>

3. Add tel: to the beginning of the CallAction number:

<a href="tel:8557132255"></a>

4. Add some call to action text to display as a  link

<a href="tel:8557132255">Call us at (855) 713-2255</a>

Done! You have now created a click to call marketing link with a call capture phone number that can be integrated with a CRM. 

Automate Your Lead Follow Up

Once you have captured a lead using a click to call link, you can automate your lead follow up with our text drip campaigns with powerful scheduling

Free Trial of CallAction

If you are looking to generate leads using click to call or click to sms links, you can try CallAction free for 14-days. Take 15 mins to sign up for a trial now. 

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