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Copy Conversation to Clipboard
Copy Conversation to Clipboard

Learn how to copy a conversation history in CallAction to your phone or desktop clipboard to easily share or paste into your CRM

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Copy & Paste All Notes in CallAction Conversation History

Ever wish you could copy all of your CallAction conversation history to share with others or to simply paste into your favorite CRM?

Some use cases for copying conversations. 

  • Easily share lead with team member 

  • Create a file trail of all text messages for compliance

  • Paste into a non-integrated CRM

We make it easy for you to copy your transcribed conversations and every detail with you had with your contacts within the CallAction platform.

You can do this from two locations within the CallAction platform. 

How to Copy Your Conversations for a Selected Contact

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations in top navigation bar

  3. Search for the contact using the search bar

  4. Click on selected contact name to view conversation history

  5. Click on the ⚙ Gear icon in top right

  6. Click on Copy Conversation

  7. Click on Copy to Clipboard Button

  8. Done, the entire conversation history is now copied.

You can also copy to clipboard from your Contacts view with the following instructions.

  1. Click on Contacts

  2. Click on Details 

  3. Scroll to bottom of contact view

  4. Click Copy to Clipboard button

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