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Learn How to Integrate the Zillow Tech Connect API to CallAction & Your CRM to Instantly Capture, Respond and Track Your Zillow Leads

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Connect Zillow API to CallAction Marketing Automation

CallAction is a Zillow Tech Connect Partner. This allows you to send Trulia and Zillow leads directly into CallAction lead engagement automation platform. CallAction will instantly capture and engage your Zillow leads.

Activating the Zillow Connect integration with your Partner ID ensures that ever lead responded to within 2 mins via text message to maximize your Zillow lead conversion rates.

CallAction will save capture and save all of the following Zillow lead information in the CallAction contact profile.

  • Contact Name, Phone & Email Address

  • Property search details

  • Zillow property search history

You can also automatically apply our brand new drip campaigns using this integration.

Let's get started.

Get Your CallAction Zillow Partner ID  

  1. Login to CallAction  

  2. Click on "Profile" in top right

  3. Click on "Integrations"

  4. Select "Zillow Integration"

  5. Select your CallAction phone number from drop-down

  6. Copy the "Zillow Partner ID" code

Please Note: Be sure you do not have an active Zillow email integration with CallAction

Connect Zillow Tech Connect API to CallAction

Now you will paste the CallAction Zillow Partner ID into Zillow to complete the Zillow to CallAction API connection.

  1. Go to Zillow Agent Login

  2. Click on Account

  3. Select Zillow "Connect to My CRM"

  4. Click "Add Partner"

  5. Select "CallAction.co" in Select a Partner drop-down

  6.  Paste your CallAction Zillow Partner ID

  7. Click "Save"

Congratulations, you have now connected CallAction to Zillow using the Zillow Tech Connect API. You can now automate your lead follow-up.

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