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Improve Zillow CSAT Score to Get Best of Zillow Badge
Improve Zillow CSAT Score to Get Best of Zillow Badge

Learn the tips to improve your Zillow CSAT (customer satisfaction) score to earn the Best of Zillow badge and more Zillow lead opportunities

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Best of Zillow is based on Highest Zillow CSAT Scores

Zillow is taking customer satisfaction very seriously with Zillow CSAT surveys. Only agents with the highest Zillow CSAT scores are getting the Best of Zillow badges on their Premier Agent profiles. 

The Zillow CSAT score is also going to be one of the primary factors in the future to getting access to new Zillow Flex leads. 

CallAction helps you get the highest customer survey scores using automated follow up to scale your business. 

What is the Zillow CSAT Score?

The Zillow customer satisfaction score is derived primarily from three survey questions sent out by Zillow to your Zillow leads. The questions and timeline are as follows:

  1. 24 Hrs:  Did You Connect? Zillow is contacting consumer to see if you have connected with them. Simple Yes / No. 

  2. 15 Days: How satisfied are you with your experience? This is when customers are surveyed to give you a 1 - 5 star rating of the service you are providing them. 

  3. 45 Days: Do you plan on continuing to work with the agent that helped your? Again a simple Yes / No response.

This survey is sent directly to the consumer via the Zillow app. 

Data Used to Calculate the Zillow CSAT Score

  • Experience Score: focuses on your the service you provided

  • Connection Rate: percentage of time you connected with client.

  • Work with Rate: percentage of connections that plan to work with you.

  • Appointment Rate: percentage of appointments schedule, set and met.

The combination of the scores are used to calculate your overall Best of Zillow rating which is as follows: 

  • Poor: 0-72

  • Fair: 73-81

  • Good: 82-89

  • Best of Zillow: 90-100

Focus you efforts and obtaining the highest scores possible from your client connections to get the Best of Zillow badge.

How to Use the Zillow CSAT score Drip Campaign Template

Following are the steps to setup a scalable lead follow up workflow for Zillow leads.  Improve your Zillow CSAT survey scores by pre-framing the Zillow survey with your clients using our Zillow CSAT drip campaign template

CallAction + Zillow Lead Workflow

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