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How to Get Zillow Reviews
How to Get Zillow Reviews

Learn how to easily get Zillow reviews from buyers and sellers. Setup a Zillow review request template via text to get reviews on Zillow

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Agents Ultimate Guide to Getting Zillow Reviews

Zillow Review Request Template

Getting reviews on Zillow will help you get more leads as consumers will select their Zillow premier agent based on review count. Also, the more reviews you get the stronger your Zillow profile is on the search engines which gets you Zillow direct inquiries. 

Use Zillow Reviews to Get Free Leads

Home buyers and sellers searching for best real estate agent will often search the Zillow agent reviews pages and sort by the top agent with the most reviews. 

You can get free Zillow leads if they contact you directly via your Zillow profile. 

This is one of the reasons why getting a lot of good reviews is important. 

How to request Reviews via text message.

Setup a Text Zillow Review Request Template

  1. Login to Zillow Premier Agent

  2. Click on Agent Hub Profile

  3. Click on Profile button

  4. Click Review Request Request

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page 

  6. Click on small Send the Client a Direct Link

  7. Copy the direct review link from the pop-up window

Next let's make it super simple to request reviews...

Create a Zillow Review Canned Text Response Templates

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Click on Canned Responses

  4. Create a text Zillow Review Template 

"Hi, thanks again for opportunity to help you! 😀 Would love if you took 1-2 mins to provide a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Zillow review of my services!  (PASTE YOUR ZILLOW REVIEW LINK)"

Tip: Copy & paste the Zillow review request template now into your canned responses. 

Use Images of Zillow Reviews to Pre-Frame Review Request

Pre-frame the getting the reviews by actually attaching a copy of your current review page to the text message. They will see that you already have other 5 star reviews and probably follow suit 

(NOTE: This is why our platform with the ability to text images, memoji videos & emojis is so powerful compared to most other system)

Best Times to Request Zillow Reviews

You can request a review at anytime but here are some natural times during the home buyers and sellers journeys to request them:

  • After a buyer or seller consultation (like Zillow Offers seller leads) when you just finished providing some valuable information or guidance to them. 

  • When helping a Zillow rental lead

  • After any a property showings / scheduled tours with a client but before parting ways ask them for a review you can guide them on what to say in your review.

  • After submitting an offer while emotions are strong request the review.

  • When the offer is accepted is one of the best times to request a Zillow review as it's a hero moment

  • At closing or when you are giving them keys

  • At past client events (also great time to get video testimonials for youtube and to add to your Zillow premier agent profile)

Request the Zillow review while you are with the client. That is why having it as a canned text response is critical for easy access and higher likelihood they will give it to you right then and there. 

Give Your Clients Some Zillow Review Examples

Often, clients will have a difficult time to know what to write in your Zillow review profile. Make it easy as possible by having a few pre-made Zillow review examples you can share with them.  

Text them some photos from your media library of some of your current reviews or setup a few Zillow review examples in your canned response text templates

How to Optimize Your Zillow Review

Quick way to SEO optimize your reviews is to have clients mention some of the following things in their reviews: 

  • City, zip and or neighborhood names

  • Type of home buyers / sellers they are ("We are a young millennial couple", "senior", "divorced", etc) 

  • Hero story items... buy after foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc

Leverage Drip Campaigns to Request Zillow Reviews

You can use CallAction marketing automation text drip campaigns to request Zillow reviews post close. You can apply a drip campaign to any contact at anytime.

  • You can also put the link in a post close campaign or post showing nurture campaign.

  • Build a drip campaign asking for the reviews over time, as consumers will get busy & forget to do it, so a nudge ever few weeks until you get the review won't hurt.

  • Use the Zillow CSAT score drip campaign and modify to request a Zillow review.

Add Zillow Review Requests directly into your Drip Campaigns

We recommend that you add the review request directly into your follow up drip campaigns. 

  • Include an CallAction image text of your reviews

  • Include a video text telling them why reviews are important to you.

Use Tags to Auto-Start Zillow Review Request Drip Campaigns

If you are tagging your clients in CallAction after an appointment was completed for future follow up, you can auto start a Zillow review request campaign using campaign start tag functionality.

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