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How to Follow Up with Zillow Offers Seller Leads
How to Follow Up with Zillow Offers Seller Leads

Step by step workflow to follow up with home sellers submitting Zillow Offer leads using CallAction and the Zillow Seller campaign template.

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Learn How to Setup the Zillow Offers Seller Lead Campaign

Home sellers can now submit an offer to sell their homes to the Zillow Offers iBuyer program. CallAction has created an automated lead follow up workflow and drip campaign template to help agents / teams who are receiving the Zillow Offers home seller leads. 

Zillow Offers iBuyer Lead Workflow Overview

  • Zillow seller lead sent to your real estate crm and routed /claimed by agent

  • CRM sends new lead email alert to agents email

  • Setup email forwarding rule to send a copy of the Zillow Offers alert to CallAction 

  • CallAction starts automated follow up using voice, text, video, image text drip campaign with pre-written campaign template.

Let's get started with detailed instructions below.

Step by Step Guide to the Respond to Zillow Offers Seller Leads

Below is a detailed guide to setup this campaign. Follow steps in each section of this guide as needed. 

Entire setup process should be less than 15 mins.  

Add a Dedicated Zillow Offers Campaign Number 

First step is to add a phone number for tracking of Zillow seller leads. 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Phone Numbers

  3. Enter desired local Area code

  4. Optional - you can refine your phone number search to specific number series or vanity words

  5. Click search phone numbers

  6. Select checkbox next to new Zillow campaign number(s) to add to your account

  7. Scroll to bottom, click Get Selected Phone Numbers

Assign Campaign Name and Tags to New Zillow Offers Tracking Number

  1. Click on Phone Numbers

  2. Click on Manage (of the new Zillow campaign number)

  3. Click on Call Settings

  4. Click on Call Campaigns

  5. Enter desired Campaign Name (i.e. Zillow Offer Leads)

  6. Click Save button at bottom

Import Zillow Offers Seller Campaign Template

  1. Click on Tools the navigation

  2. Click on Drip Campaigns

  3. Click on Templates button

  4. Click on Zillow Offers template

  5. Click on Use Campaign

  6. New window will appear with Template

  7. Scroll to bottom

  8. Click Save

Attach Campaign to New Zillow Offers Campaign Number

  1. Click on Numbers

  2. Click Manage next to phone number you want to add drip campaigns

  3. Click on Email Settings button at top below number

  4. Click on Email Campaigns

  5. Select Attach Drip Campaign > Zillow Offers Seller 

  6. Click Save

Setup Gmail Forwarding Rule(s)

We use the new lead email alerts from the CRM (or Zillow directly) to instantly start this campaign. We use the agents email alerts as we know they have been assigned the Zillow lead.

Add and Confirm Gmail Forwarding Address ( Skip if NOT using Gmail )

  1. Once completed, refresh your Gmail browser window and start creating forwarding rule.

Zillow Offers Gmail Forwarding Rule for Follow Up Boss Users

  1. Login to Gmail

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Insert into the From field.

  4. Insert "New Lead from Zillow Offers" into Subject field (within quotes)

  5. Insert "New Zillow Offers seller for follow-up" into the Has the words field.

Test new Gmail Forwarding Filter before Creating

  1. Click on blue Search Button

  2. You should only see New Lead from Zillow Offers in the email results

Create the Gmail Forwarding Filter

  1. Click on Create filter

  2. Check the Forward it to box

  3. Select the CallAction email address from Choose an address drop-down box (Note: CallAction email addresses start with the phone number and end with

  4. Click Create Filter at bottom of page.

You'll now see a new filter created that will look like the one below. 

If you use other real estate CRMs the process is exactly the same except for the from: email address. You must select the from email address of the CRM that sends you the alerts. 

Below is a list of a few other alerts. If you need help, please use the blue live support chat button at the bottom right of this page.

BoomTown Zillow Offers Gmail Forwarding Rule

  1. Insert into the From field.

  2. Insert "[IMPORT]" AND "Zillow Premier Agent" into Subject field (within quotes)

  3. Insert "New Zillow Offers seller for follow-up" into the Has the words field.

Commission Inc Zillow Offers Gmail Forwarding Rule

  1. Insert into the From field.

  2. Insert "Lead Alert" into Subject field (within quotes)

  3. Insert "New Zillow Offers seller for follow-up" into the Has the words field.

Zillow Offers Gmail Forwarding Rule for Other Platforms

You can use any email alert for nearly any CRM with CallAction. The important thing is to set the filter to work correctly with the three main fields and test. 

  • From: (this should be the email address you are receiving the the email alert from)

  • Subject: (insert the subject line of the specific email alert within quotes for exact match)

  • Has the Words: (should be New Zillow Offers seller for follow-up as that is what is sent by Zillow and likely parsed by your system)

Best Practices & Workflow Tips to Help You Scale Zillow Offer Lead Follow Up

  • Setup a dedicated Calendly url for sellers to self-schedule seller consults and include link in the drip campaign.

  • Save repetitive text response to sellers using the canned response templates

  • Save your Zillow Profile link as a canned response to quickly get consumer to claim you as their Zillow agent.

  • Use our Appointment confirmation drip campaign templates to prevent no-shows.

  • Save your direct Zillow review link in your canned text responses.

  • Edit CallAction drip campaign templates with Text Reminders every 7 days for your agents to update the Zillow Premier Agent app.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via live chat. 

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