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Learn How to Have CallAction Instantly Respond to Your Zillow Leads

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Steps to have CallAction instantly respond to you Zillow leads

CallAction can instantly engage all your Zillow leads in 90 secs via text messages, video text, ringless voicemails and email follow-ups. This will dramatically increase your Zillow lead conversion improving your ROI on your Zillow ad spend.

Setting up the Zillow to CallAction integration takes just a few minutes using our simple Zillow email parser.

Get Your CallAction Email Address

First, you'll need to get your dedicated CallAction email address associated with your CallAction phone number. This is the email address you will use to forward your Zillow email leads into CallAction. The associated CallAction number is the phone number from which text messages will be sent.

  1. Login to your CallAction

  2. Click on "Numbers"

  3. Select the phone number to be used to engage your Zillow leads

  4. Click "Manage" to the far right of the selected phone number

  5. Click "Email Settings"

  6. Copy the "CallAction Email"

  7. Scroll down to "Campaign"

  8. Enter "Zillow / Trulia" in "Campaign" field to track all leads in your Contact List

Set Up Zillow Email Forward

Now, you will setup Zillow to forward a copy of each email lead to your dedicated CallAction email address. Every lead received by CallAction will be parsed, data-appended, and responded to in 90 - 120 secs from receipt. If you have a CRM integration we will simultaneously sync lead to your CRM.

  1. Login to Zillow Agent Hub

  2. Click on "Inbox"

  3. Click on "Settings"

  4. Click on "Lead Forwarding" on left side navigation

  5. Select "Forward indefinitely"

  6. Paste your "CallAction Email Address" into field

  7. Click orange "Save" button

Other Zillow Settings

Following are some recommending Zillow settings that should be adjusted.

  • Turn Off Zillow Text Notifications - CallAction communicates via text messages. In order to avoid duplicate text messages, turn off your Zillow text message settings.  

Congratulations! Now a copy of all of your Zillow email leads will be automatically forwarded to your CallAction, captured, data-appended, and engaged via text message in less than 2 mins. We also integrate with most CRM systems. You may also have your Zillow lead calls answered by CallAction.  

Do You Have Real Estate Team That You Distribute Zillow Leads To?

CallAction can be set up to respond to all email leads assigned to your individual real estate team members. You can also distribute your lead calls via our tool; Lead Call Broadcast, this is similar to the Zillow Jump Ball system in the premiere agent app. This ensures that your leads being assigned are followed up with instantly.

Not Currently Using CallAction to Engage Your Zillow Leads in 5 Mins or Less? 

You can increase your Zillow lead conversions by nearly 400% by responding to every lead in 3 mins or less as per this data from Zillow.

CallAction can help you automate that initial follow-up process on both calls and email leads. We offer a free 14-day trial of services, so you can test this integration first hand to see the difference. This will dramatically increase your lead conversion and improve your Zillow lead spend ROI.

Take 10 minutes to setup a free trial now.

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