How to Record Your First Ringless Voicemail Message

Step by step guide to help you record your first voicemail message to used in a drip campaign. Guide includes prewritten script template 

How to Record Your First Ringless Voicemail Message.

Learn how easy it is to record voicemail messages for use in your drip campaigns.  

This will take just a few minutes and is exactly like recording the voicemail message for your phone. 

You will call our voicemail system from your personal mobile number. This is the phone set as the destination in your CallAction account profile

Follow the simple voicemail prompts to start recording, end recording and save.

The Ringless Voicemail Drop Script

Below is a voicemail script for following up with a new contact 1-day after their initial inquiry at 9:30 in the morning. 

This general script references the time of day to create authenticity.

Let's Record Your First Voicemail 

  1. Call (323) 531-5500 from your mobile phone associated with your account.  

  2. Take a deep breath. Smile & record the following. 

  3. Press 2 - Start recording

  4. Read the voicemail script

    "Good morning, it's [___ say your name___]!
    It's about 9:30.
    I'm following-up to your inquiry I received yesterday. Please call or text me back at this number.
    Look forward to speaking with you soon!"

  5. Press 3 - End recording & listen to entire message.

  6. Press 4 - Save recording & hang up OR Press 5 - Delete & record again

Done. You have recorded your first ringless voicemail message. 

You may also continue to record additional voicemails now. Here are some voicemail ideas:

  • It's 10am, following up from week ago...

  • Good afternoon, it's about 4pm... 

  • We spoke about 3 months ago...

Remember, it should not be perfect or should too scripted. We often suggest you record them in the car so they sound more natural.  

Next, we'll show you how to rename the voicemail message in the media library. 

Rename a Voicemail Message File Name

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Click on Media Library 

  4. Click on Edit to rename the file

  5. Change name to clearly identify message type.

  6. Click Save

Now,  you are ready to use this recording by editing a drip campaign template or creating your own custom drip campaign

Remember to insert this voicemail drop in your drip campaign 1-day after initial inquiry, scheduled for 9:30am. 

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