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Gmail Email Forwarding

Learn How to Setup Gmail Email Forwarding Rules to Send Real Estate Email Lead Notifications to Your CallAction Email Parser

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Setup Email Forwarding Rule in Gmail to Send Leads to CallAction

CallAction can import and engage your online leads from 100's of different sources using our powerful email parser. 

The simplest way to get your leads into CallAction is to create an email forwarding rule to filter specific email leads and send them to your dedicated CallAction email address. This can be done with all email software such as Outlook, Yahoo, and others.

Gmail is one of the most popular email solutions, so we created this guide to help you set up the email forwarding rule. View our detailed instructions on setting up a Gmail email forwarding rule to send in your emails. 

Let's get started with getting your gmail address.

Get Your CallAction Email Address

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage

  4. Click on Call Settings

  5. Click on Email Settings button

  6. Copy your CallAction Email

Now we will add the email address to your gmail account.

Add Your CallAction Email as a Gmail Email Forwarding Address

Before you can setup a Gmail forwarding rule to send leads, you will need to add your CallAction email as a forwarding address that ends with "". 

  1. Login to your Gmail Account

  2. Click on the Gear icon on right side to display drop-down

  3. Click on "Settings"

  4. Click on "Add a Forwarding Address" button

  5. Enter / paste your "CallAction Email" and click "Next"

  6. CallAction will immediately send the Gmail confirmation email to your email address used in your CallAction profile.

  7. Click on the Gmail forwarding email to confirm it.

  8. Once confirmed you can create your forwarding rule.

Now you are ready to start using your CallAction email parser to import email leads into CallAction.

Setup Your First Gmail Email Forwarding Rule

You can setup email lead forwarding rules for each of your lead sources. 

  1. Login to your Gmail Account

  2. Click on the "Gear" icon on right side to display drop-down

  3. Click on "Settings"

  4. Click on "Filters and Blocked Addresses"

  5. Click link "Create a New Filter

  1. A popup box will appear to create a filter (see image below)

  2. Enter the "From:" email address of the lead source

  3. Enter a "keyword or phrase" from the email subject line into the "Subject:" to filter specific emails
    Note: This is very important to filter only the specific email leads. Pick a portion of the subject line the is consistent with all new lead notifications. You can test the "Filter" using the blue search button but will need to repeat the steps.

  1. Check "Apply the Label"
    Note: the following steps is to help track which leads sent to CallAction and make sure your filters are working correctly. 

  2. Click drop-down & select "New Label..."

  3. Enter label name "CallAction Email Leads"

  4. Click "Create"

  5. Check to box "Forward it to"

  6. Use drop-down to select your "CallAction Email Address" (ends with

  7. Click blue "Create Filter" button
    Note: Do Not click "Also apply filter to matching conversations" as that will send all your old email leads to CallAction.

Done, you have created your first email forwarding rule to send email leads to your CallAction email address to be parsed and engaged.

Important! Disable forwarding.

This setting under "Forwarding and Pop/IMAP" is a little confusing.  You must select "Disable forwarding" like the image below.

DO NOT click "Forward a copy of incoming mail..." as that will send all of your email to your CallAction account. 

Example Gmail Email Forward Rules for Lead Sources

Following is a list of some email forwarding rules for the most common real estate lead sources.

subject: [REGISTER] 

Commission Inc / CINC
Subject: Buyer Lead Alert

Real Geeks
From: (your email)
Subject: property search lead notification

FollowUp Boss
Subject: New Lead
Subject: New lead

Zillow / Trulia
Subject: Seller
Subject: New Lead From
Subject: Lead Assigned

Subject: New Home Valuation Lead

Subject: Lead notification from Instapage

Subject: Congratulations! You've got a new lead

If you are unsure of your forwarding rule or have other lead sources, please contact us via our support chat at the bottom right of this page to discuss.

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