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Add CallAction Email Forwarding Address to Gmail
Add CallAction Email Forwarding Address to Gmail

How to easily add your CallAction email address with the Gmail forwarding address wizard. Add your CallAction email as a forwarding address.

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Setup Gmail Forwarding Address

CallAction offers a powerful email parser to import leads into your CallAction account to automate your lead follow-up and nurture using our powerful drip campaigns

Gmail is one of the most popular email programs with powerful email forwarding rules to send leads into CallAction. 

Before you can forward your leads into CallAction you must add your CallAction email as forwarding email address.

Use this simple interface to streamline setting up your email forwarding rule. 

Watch this Video on Adding a Forwarding Address to Gmail

Here's a quick video showing you how to add your CallAction email as a forwarding address in Gmail. Use our simple Gmail Forwarding Address wizard tool now. 

You can also use the step by step guide below. 

Confirm Your CallAction Email Address in Gmail

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage to access the CallAction email settings

  4. Click on Email Settings

  5. Click on Add Gmail Forwarding Address

  6. Open the Gmail Forwarding Address tool

3 Steps to Confirm Your CallAction Email in Gmail

  1. Copy your CallAction email address to add into Gmail.

  2. Click on the Open Gmail Forwarding which will take you directly to page to add the email address.

  3. Click on Add Email Forwarding Address button

  4. Paste your CallAction email address 

  5. Close the Gmail Setting Page

  6. Click on the 3rd button Confirm Email Forwarding address when button turns Green.

  7. Click Okay

Done, your CallAction email address will now be available to be selected as a destination to forward emails based on your email parser rules

How to Setup Gmail Filters to Send Email Leads into CallAction

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