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Get Ylopo Leads from Follow Up Boss into CallAction Automatically to Start Drip Campaign
Get Ylopo Leads from Follow Up Boss into CallAction Automatically to Start Drip Campaign

Learn how to setup a Gmail filter for new Ylopo lead email alerts from Follow Up Boss into CallAction to automatically start a campaign.

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How to Get Ylopo Leads into a CallAction Drip Campaign

Ylopo + Follow Up Boss users can set up a Gmail filter and email forwarding rule to send real-time Ylopo leads into the CallAction email parser to start a follow-up drip campaign.

Ylopo + Follow Up Boss + CallAction Lead Workflow

When a new Ylopo lead is generated, it is sent into Follow Up Boss automatically. Follow Up Boss then sends you a "New Lead from Ylopo" email alert. We will create a Gmail filter rule to forward these FUB email alerts of Ylopo leads to your CallAction Ylopo phone number/email parser to start a campaign.

Setup a Dedicated Ylopo Campaign Number

First, you must add a dedicated Ylopo campaign number in CallAction and add the email address as a Gmail forwarding address.

Once that is done, you are ready to create the Ylopo Gmail filter for FUB email alerts.

How to Setup a Gmail Filter for Follow Up Boss Email Alerts of New Ylopo Leads

  1. Login to your Gmail (where you receive your Follow Up Boss email notifications)

  2. Click on the Settings (gear) in the top right

  3. Click on See All Settings

  4. Insert into the From field.

  5. Insert "New Lead from Ylopo" into the Subject field (within quotes)

  6. Click Create Filter

  7. Check the Forward it to checkbox

  8. Select the CallAction email address from Choose an address drop-down box (Note: CallAction email addresses start with the phone number and end with

  9. Click Create Filter at bottom of page.

Done! All new Ylopo leads will be sent into CallAction and the drip campaign started instantly to follow-up with your leads.

Best Practices for Ylopo Lead Follow Up with CallAction

Some tips for you to get started with Follow Up Boss, CallAction and Ylopo.

You can use CallAction to also revive your old leads while Ylopo is doing a remarketing campaign on Facebook. The same type of rule above can be used for, Zillow tour leads or any other lead source.

Try CallAction to Follow Up with Your Ylopo Leads

If you are not currently a CallAction user, you can setup a success call to learn how we can help you convert more of your Ylopo real estate leads.


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