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Send Animoji's & Memoji's via Text Drip Campaign
Send Animoji's & Memoji's via Text Drip Campaign

Learn how to send Animoji's as part of your custom CallAction text drip campaigns or any of our other intelligent text automations

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Text Animoji's to Increase Lead Engagement & Conversion

Stand out from your competition with authentic automation by leveraging a marketing pattern interrupt of Animoji's and Memoji's in your text messages. 

CallAction is the only platform to leverage Augmented Reality (AR) Animoji's as part of intelligent drip campaigns. 

Create your own personalized Memoji cartoon of yourself with your voice to create a connection with your leads.

Try it now using our text for info tool:  

  • Text Animoji to (619) 383-1700

You will receive a text exactly an a consumer would. 

You will be able to use these Animoji's as part of any automations in CallAction. This is limited to iPhone users but you can always ask a friend with an iPhone to create a message. 

Create your Memoji / Animoji Message

  1. Access your iPhone text message window

  2. Enter your own phone number to text yourself

  3. Select the Animoji you want to use

  4. Record your Animoji message

  5. Text the Animoji to yourself so you can download it

Next, you'll need to download your Animoji to use in CallAction drip campaigns

Downloading Your Animoji Message

  1. Go to your text message window

  2. Click on the Animoji 

  3. Click on the bottom left corner to email Animoji to yourself

  4. Save to your computer or phone

Now, we will upload the Animoji to your CallAction media library.

Upload Your Memoji / Animoji to Media Library

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile in top right

  3. Click on Media Library

  4. Click on Add Media

  5. Select your Animoji video

  6. Save

  7. Rename the Animoji file name to something specific & easy to remember.

Using Animoji's on CallAction

Now that you know how to create and upload Animoji's & personalize Memoji's into CallAction, we'll share some ideas for you.

Look forward to seeing your creative uses of Memoji's and hearing about your success stories in our Facebook group

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