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Create a List of Contacts
Create a List of Contacts

Learn how to create lists of filtered or tagged contacts in CallAction so you can apply bulk actions. Organize your contacts for follow-up.

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Group Contacts into Lists 

You can filter contacts in CallAction using tags, phone numbers, users, etc. and add contacts into a list. You can use these lists to apply a bulk action like adding tags, applying a drip campaign or use the as a call list for the built in sales dialer

Basic Workflow for Adding Contacts to List

  • Filter Contacts / Conversations

  • Click Create List

  • Saves List Automatically

You can then apply a bulk Action to list of saved filtered Contacts.

Add Contacts to a List

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversation view

  3. Filter contacts / conversations

  4. Click Create List

  5. Enter a Name for the filtered list

  6. Click X or apply an action.

Done, contacts now saved to a list.  Learn more about applying an action to a list.

Accessing Your Lists

You can access your saved segmented lists from two places.

  • Conversation view, click List button

  • Inside Tools, click List

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