Merge Fields

Learn how to personalize your text messages with custom text merge fields to increase authenticity of your drip campaigns

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How to Use Text Merge Fields

You may personalize all of your outbound text messages with our merge fields. Use any of the available merge fields in all of the following systems within CallAction

The merge fields will dynamically merge in data into the outbound text messages based on the merge field you selected. 

How to Select a Merge Field

  1. Go to any available text field that can be personalized

  2. Start typing {{ 

  3. This will displays the list of available fields from an autosuggest list

  4. Select the field you want to use

The appropriate information will be merged in each text message creating highly personalized messages for authenticity. 

List of Available Merge Fields

You may view a list of currently available text merge fields within the platform by clicking the "Merge Field Help" button.

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