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How to Follow Up with Homebot Engaged Leads
How to Follow Up with Homebot Engaged Leads

Step by step workflow to automate the follow-up of Homebot home value report engaged leads for Follow Up Boss, Ylopo & CallAction users.

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Follow Up with Your Homebot Home Value Leads with Automation

Homebot Engaged is a tag that is added when a user opens or views a Homebot report. This is a high intent activity performed by the homeowner and should be followed up with promptly.

The workflow can be used by both loan officers and realtors using with Follow Up Boss ( and Ylopo). If you are a Ylopo user, check out our new Ylopo lead workflow and also our Ylopo Ypriority workflow & campaigns.

Homebot Home Value Lead Follow Up Workflow

CallAction has created a HomeBot Engaged text message drip campaign to automatically follow up with these high intent homeowner / home seller leads checking their Homebot home value reports.

Use this simple 1 min, two-step CallAction workflow to engage the right lead at the right time.

  1. Check the CallAction HomeBot_Engaged smart list daily

  2. Assign CallAction Homebot_Engaged Campaign via the CallAction embedded app.

Wait for the incoming responses (versus chasing after them) and simply respond within 5 mins for highest conversation rates possible.

Get Started with Homebot Lead Workflow

Follow the steps below to make this part of your daily Follow Up Boss workflow to create inbound conversations with clients opening your Homebot reports.

Import the CallAction HomeBot Engaged Template

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Drip Campaigns

  4. Click on Templates

  5. Scroll down to Follow Up: Homebot Engaged

  6. Click on Use Campaign

  7. Click on Import Campaign

You have now added the Homebot drip campaign to your CallAction account.

Next, let’s set up your Follow Up Boss CRM Smart List.

Filter Follow Up Boss CRM for Homebot engaged tagged leads

How to Create the Homebot Engaged Smart List in Follow Up Boss

Start by finding all leads that have engaged with your Homebot report with

  1. Click on People

  2. Click on Filters

  3. Click on Add a filter

  4. Enter Tags

  5. Select Include


You should now see the total number of People who have viewed the HomeBot report and triggered the tag, HOMEBOT_ENGAGED.

Note: you should also already have the CallAction embedded app active in your account. If you don't see the embedded app, check these help documents to turn on the CallAction FUB embedded app.

If you are not a CallAction user, sign up for a free trial here.

Let’s assign the CallAction Follow Up: Homebot Engaged drip campaign to one contact.

Assign CallAction Homebot Engaged Drip Campaign

  1. Click on the Person name

  2. Click on Add Contact on CallAction embedded app (if not already in CallAction)

  3. Select the Follow Up: Homebot Engaged drip campaign

  4. Click Ok

That is it, this lead will now be followed up with via the CallAction campaign until they respond.

You will notice the Contact has now been automatically tagged in Follow Up Boss with: Follow Up: Homebot Engaged.

Now, we will refine this list to make a “smart” Smart List. This is a dynamic list and will remove contacts from the CallAction Homebot_Engaged smart list once they have been assigned a campaign and acted upon.

Create a Dynamic Smart List for Homebot Engaged Leads

  1. Click Add a filter

  2. Enter Tag

  3. Select Exclude

  4. Type and select Follow Up: Homebot Engaged (this will exclude all contacts already on the CallAction Homebot Engaged campaign and make your smart list “smart”)

  5. Click on + sign to select another tag

  6. Type and select Bad_Number to exclude bad numbers (since this is a text campaign)

  7. Click Add a filter

  8. Enter Phone

  9. Select Is Good (again, we are sending text messages)

  10. Click on Save list

  11. Name it CallAction HomeBot Engaged

You can continue to refine the Follow Up Boss smart list using stages to exclude contacts that are current or active clients or those that have opted out from your other campaigns etc.

The more refined your list the better the results will be.

Assign the Follow Up: Homebot Engage Campaign to everyone in your initial CallAction Homebot_Engaged Smart List

  1. Click on your new CallAction HomeBot Engaged Smart List

  2. Add the contact to CallAction

  3. Assign Follow Up: Homebot Engaged Drip Campaign

  4. Click top right > to next contact

  5. Repeat until no contacts remain on your FUB CRM smart list.

You are now following up with all of the leads in the initial list. Now the CallAction Homebot Engaged list will repopulate as contacts open the report. Check the list daily and repeat the process to contact them in real-time with the right message, at the right time.

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