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How to Setup Daily Follow Up Boss Workflow for New Real Estate Listings
How to Setup Daily Follow Up Boss Workflow for New Real Estate Listings

Learn how to setup a Follow Up Boss smart list and daily workflow to follow up with clients

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New MLS Listing

Use the following 3-step CallAction daily workflow with a custom Follow Up Boss smart list to follow up with the "right" leads at the "right" time with the "right" message.

  1. Pull new MLS listings in your target cities daily.

  2. Access the CallAction New (city) Listing Smart List in Follow Up Boss

  3. Assign the Lead: New Listing Drip Campaign using the embedded app to follow up with targeted leads.

Here's why you should use the following Follow Up boss workflow.

Homebuyers Want Agents to Help Them Find the Right Home

According to NAR survey data, 51% of consumers' number one expectation of real estate agents is for the agents to help them find a home. Reaching out to them with new listings makes them feel like you are helping them find a home.

Recommend MLS Daily searches

  • Pull new daily MLS listings in the city, save information & link

  • Look up the listing on your IDX site and save link to share with contacts who respond.

Setting up Follow Up Boss fo Daily MLS workflow

In order to use this workflow, you must turn on Follow Up Boss Auto-tagging (city & zip) in FUB to have the data to build the needed Smart List.

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on Admin

  3. Click on More

  4. Click on Tags

  5. Click on Turn On Auto-tagging

  6. Click on City and Zip

Build dynamic Smart Lists - top 3 “farm” cities or cities that match where you are buying leads from. This will display all of your leads searching for homes in a specific city area.

Also, make sure that you have the CallAction recommended column views setup in Follow Up Boss so you can see all incoming text responses in FUB.

Follow Up Boss Smart List Filter

  1. Created < 1 year

  2. Source (any that is optin w/ expressed written consent, like Zillow, Realtor, IDX, Facebook, PPC, etc)

  3. Stages (pick clients who are in home search phase, either include or exclude stages)

  4. Tags Include the 3-5 City / zips of user searches in your target area. This will be the daily routine of searching MLS in the same cities.

  5. Phone is good

  6. Tags (excluded, do_not_contact, AI_not_interested, working with agent, etc)

  7. Last visit < 180 days (optional but helps select active customers)

  8. Price (Optional: more than 400, or whatever is the most common price point of your leads)

  9. Price (Optional: less than 750)

  10. Tags Exclude the CallAction tag, Leads: New (city) Listings (Important: this will create a dynamic smart list that removes all listings that have already been assigned the campaign)

Setup CallAction New Listing Campaign Automation

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Campaigns

  4. Go to Templates

  5. Import the Leads: New (City) Listing Campaign

Now the campaign is in your CallAction account. You will personalize the drip campaign for one or more cities you are working with.

  1. Make copies of the drip campaign (one for each city)

  2. Edit the City name for the campaign to match your target city

  3. Record the voicemail messages below to use in campaigns.

    a) “Hello, it’s (name).

    I’m calling today because I believe you are still looking for homes in (city)?

    There is a new MLS listing in (city) that I think fits your needs.

    Please call or text me at this number when you have a moment.


    b) “Good morning, it’s about 10:15. This is (name) of (company) again.

    I’ve been trying to reach you over the last few days about a new listing in (city) that hit the market.

    We’ve been getting alot of requests about it, so I wanted to make sure you are aware of it.
    Please call or text me at this number when you have a moment.


    c) “Hi, it’s (name). It’s Thurday about 2:30 or so.

    I sent you a text earlier about homes in (city).

    Can you please call or text me back when you have a moment?

    Thank you!”

  4. Insert the voicemails into your New (City) Listing campaign in the correct steps indicated in the campaign.

  5. Save the drip campaigns

You are now ready to follow the daily new listing workflow.

Start your Daily New MLS LIsting + FUB + CallAction Workflow

Get your MLS data.

  1. Pull the new listings of the day from the MLS in your target cities, pick the best listing in the city.

  2. Save the listing information so you can share with the clients over a call or text. (address, price, size, description, etc)

Start working your Follow Up Boss Smart List

  1. Login to your Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on your saved CallAction New LIsting Smart List

  3. Select first contact at the top of the smart list

  4. Add them to CallAction is not already there

  5. Assign the Leads New (City) Listing campaign

  6. Click the top right > to forward to next contact in smart List

  7. Repeat until all matching contacts in your smart list have been assigned the campaign.

Get into Conversations

You will likely get responses within the hour. Be ready to reply quickly to all inbound leads. You can speed up responding by using our text templates.

Focus on building relationships and learning what they are specifically looking for. You should try to get them on a phone call by quickly asking.... "Can I call you now?" and then use the VOIP dialer click to call button on CallAction.

If they are not ready to buy now, be sure to assign an appropriate follow-up drip campaign found in your message template library.

If you are unsure which to use, simply ask if you can follow up in a month and assign the Follow Up: 1 Month campaign template.

Once you have worked this initial smart list, you can then filter your current conversations for leads to follow up with or if you have revaluate you can use this workflow to follow up with likely movers who score over 80.

Get a Printable PDF Copy of this New MLS Listing Workflow Now

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You'll instantly get a link to down this pdf workflow checklist.

Want to Automate Your Follow Up Boss Lead Workflows?

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