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Email Broadcast

Email lead distribution via first to claim with automated call connect to solve speed to lead issues and improve lead response times.

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Broadcast New Email Leads via First to Claim Shark Tank

Use the CallAction lead routing to manage your lead distribution of new online generate leads to your sales team via a competitive first to claim model.

How Does Email Broadcast Lead Distribution Work?

Similar to the CallAction call routing broadcast, email leads sent to a lead router campaign email parser will do the following:

  • Extract lead information for email lead (name, phone, email address) via parsing

  • Create a new contact and validate phone number

  • Call all salespeople in your lead distribution queue

  • First agent to answer and press 1 claims lead

  • Optional: if Call Connect is ON, we automatically make the outbound call to the lead

This lead management solution with call connect is more effective than a lead pond or shark tank format as it ensures that your salespeople not only respond within seconds to claim leads but also take action by making the outbound sales call.

How to Set Up Email Broadcast Lead Routing

First, you must send email leads to the dedicated email parsing address via an email forwarding rule.

1. Get Lead Router Email Parser Address

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Select Lead Router Campaigns (if you don't have an active lead router campaign, you'll need to set one up)

  4. Click Manage of the selected campaign

  5. Click on Advanced Settings

  6. Copy CallAction email parser address

2. Setup an Email Forwarding Rule to Send Email Leads to CallAction

  • Gmail users, here's how to set up an email forwarding rule

  • Need help? Book a support call using live chat at bottom right

3. Turn On Email Broadcast

  1. Click Manage of the selected campaign

  2. Toggle Email Broadcast to Activate (or Round Robin)

Done, now incoming email leads are setup to call broadcast your sales team via a first to claim shark tank / lead pond setup.

Optional First to Claim Settings

  • Ensure your salespeople are instantly making the outbound calls to new leads by turning ON the call connect option.

  • Send repeat leads within 24hrs to the same sales agent who claimed initial leads by toggling 24hr forwarding to ON.

  • You can create user schedules using the first to claim the option to distribute leads to specific users during specific times.

Automated Lead Follow Up

If Call Connect is OFF, new leads will automatically be assigned the drip campaign in the salespersons' Email Setting Drip Campaign if applicable.

Users can also manually assign a drip campaign to follow up with the lead if a call is connected or unanswered or use a scheduled text to personalize a text message to be delivered later.

Try First to Claim Lead Broadcast for Free

If you generate online leads and need to solve a speed to lead problem to improve your lead response times and conversion, setup a free trial of CallAction lead management software now.

Learn why top agents, teams, and real estate sales coaches recommend CallAction.

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