Deactivated Phone Number List Scrubbing

Learn how CallAction proactively and automatically scrubs contacts you are texting against deactivated phone number lists.

What is a deactivated phone number?

Deactivated phone numbers are mobile numbers that been canceled by a user or mobile carrier. These deactivated numbers will often be transferred to another user by the mobile carriers within the next 6 months.

On average there are over 150K deactivated phone numbers reported on a daily basis.

This large volume of deactivated numbers makes it important to use a service such as CallAction that is constantly verifying your contacts' phone numbers against these deactivated phone number lists.

Why is scrubbing deactivated phone numbers important?

Accidentally texting these deactivated phone numbers is an issue as the new phone number user has not opted in to receive your text messages.

Additionally, you maybe are wasting valuable time and money following up with contacts that have deactivated their phone numbers.

How CallAction checks all of your contacts for deactivated phone numbers

  1. CallAction obtains daily lists of deactivated phone numbers

  2. Our system scrubs millions of contacts against this deactivated number list to find matches

  3. We notify you of any matches in your CallAction account and push that notification to your integrated CRM if applicable.

  4. We mark these contacts and automatically put them into a Do Not Contact status

Now you will have a clean database of contacts and phone numbers.

What should you do if there is a contact with a deactivated phone number?

  1. You should attempt to reach out to the contact via email or other phone numbers to verify their number is deactivated.

  2. You should obtain the correct phone number and an updated opt-in

If you have any questions about the deactivated numbers listed in your account, please contact us using the live chat at the bottom right.

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