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Learn how to setup the Real Geeks API integration with CallAction to automatically enter leads into CRM and automate your lead follow-up

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Real Geeks + CallAction API CRM Integration

Eliminate CRM data entry of inbound calls and text messages with a CallAction to Real Geeks API integration. Use our intelligent automation to build custom drip campaigns with direct to voicemail drops, video text and other text messages. 

Following are some use cases for this integration:

You can also use CallAction to instantly respond and follow-up to your Real Geeks website leads using this simple Real Geeks email parse workflow.

Grow your Real Estate CRM database automatically

Using the Real Geeks API we are able to log every call, text, conversation directly within Real Estate automatically, saving you hours a week in time while inserting your most valuable leads into the CRM. 

Setup Your Real Geeks + CallAction Integration

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on your Profile in the top right

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click on Real Geeks button

  5. Click on Get Real Geeks UUID button

  6. Opens new browser window (see image below)

  7. Click slider to display UUID API key

  8. Copy the Real Geeks UUID (see image below)

  9. Return to CallAction

  10. Enter your Real Geeks User name (for lead routing)

  11. Enter your Real Geeks Password

  12. Paste Real Geeks UUID API Key

  13. Click Save All Changes

Done! You have now fully integrated CallAction with Real Geeks

Note: Collect All - turning this one will capture leads from all phone numbers and insert into primary Real Geeks CRM account. 

Try a Real Geeks + CallAction Integration Free

You can signup for a free 14-day trial of CallAction to test this Real Geeks integration. CallAction can be used to bridge leads from other sources that don't have a Real Geeks API directly into your CRM. You can also use our intelligent lead automation to follow-up and nurture your leads long term.

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