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Follow Up Boss Email Parse Integration
Follow Up Boss Email Parse Integration

Use Email Parse to Integrate FollowUpBoss / FUB & CallAction

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Learn how to setup email parse integration. This will automatically create any new leads in your CallAction account in real-time directly into your Follow Up Boss account.

This ensures that every lead is captured and logged into your FUB CRM and adds texting to Follow Up Boss. This saves you time, money, and increases your efficiency.

Follow Up Boss Email

Original Follow Up Boss

You will need your "" email address if using the original version of Follow Up Boss. You can send an email to

Follow Up Boss 2

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on "Admin"

  3. Click "Get Started"

  4. Scroll down to "Set up Lead Providers"

  5. Copy the email address noted in the instructions

CallAction Email Parse Setup

Follow the steps below to setup email parse integration on each individual CallAction number.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click "Manage" on the CallAction number you want to integrate

  4. Click "Call Settings"

  5. Scroll down to "Lead Export Integrations"

  6. Slide switch to "On"

  7. Paste you Follow Up Boss Email address into field
    (Tip: you can include multiple email addresses using a comma)

  8. Click green "Save" button at bottom

You may also use our FollowUpBoss full API integration and all other FUB integrations.

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