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How to Create a Follow Up System
How to Create a Follow Up System

Learn how to create an automated follow up system with calls, text, email messaging to convert your online generated leads with software

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Setup the CallAction Follow Up System Software

Billions of dollars are spent on online lead generation to generate inquiries. Once a lead is generated, you must create a scaleable and effective follow-up strategy to convert leads to sales.

Effective Follow-Up Strategy

Lead follow-up is difficult because it requires multiple follow up attempts to go from lead to call. The average lead requires 6-8 contacts before converting, yet most leads only receive 1-2 follow up attempts.

Lead Follow Up is Overwhelming Salespeople

  • 100 sales lead's a month creates an avg. of 600-800 follow up attempts / tasks in a CRM to-do list.

This is why salespeople struggle with lead follow up. There is simply not enough time to follow up with new leads while nurturing and re-engaging old leads.

Leverage Automation to Follow Up with Leads

The following are the recommended steps to build an effective follow-up strategy using sales automation software like CallAction.

The automated lead follow up we promote is called ICON

  • Inquiry: Lead generation and marketing will generate call, text, email inquiries

  • Conversation: follow-up to get a conversation to qualify lead

  • Outcome: Leads are sorted by hot / cold for future follow up and nuturing

  • Nurture: Both leads and past clients most be nurtured infinitely to build a business.

This circular consumer journey is the core of sales and our ICON process. Conversations is where 80% of the business will come from while the other task is what consumes most of the salespersons' time.

1. Track Your Lead Sources

First, you must take stock and track of all of the ways leads can make an inquiry. This includes inbound inquiries from marketing, branding and direct response lead generation.

Leads can typically contact you via three primary communication channels.

  • Calls

  • Emails (landing page form fills / messaging)

  • Text

Are you capturing, tracking, and following up with each channel?

Once you have mapped each of your lead sources and their communication channels you can set up a capture and tracking system with CallAction.

Use a CallAction dedicated campaign number for each lead source. CallAction can receive calls, text and emails and label / tag the leads.

2. Automate Data-Entry of Leads Into Your CRM

Salespeople waste a lot of time doing data-entry into CRM. Often the data-entry never happens simply because salespeople are overwhelmed by follow-up tasks as indicated above. Inbound calls often never end up in the CRM.

Using CallAction text and call capture numbers we can automate the data entry. You can also setup a Zapier integration to automate the data-entry of leads from online lead generation like Facebook lead ads.

We have over 40 native API integrations with CRMS to eliminate time spent doing data entry. You can also use the CRM built-in routing to assign leads to salespeople or using our round-robin or broadcast lead routing system.

3. Start Lead Follow Up Automatically

Speed to lead is critical to converting online leads. Following up with leads within mins can increase lead conversion by as much as 391%.

CallAction automated messaging system can instantly start when a lead is created insuring a speed to lead follow up from your salespeople.

Best Practices for Sales Follow-Up

Our advanced drip campaigns can replicate traditional follow-up tasks like making outbound calls, text messages and sending emails using automation.

The best practice is to follow-up across multiple communication channels to increase awareness and responses. CallAction drip campaigns allow you to do this using automation.

4. Track Follow Up Responses

Effectively track all inbound lead responses using our familiar conversation task list similar to the call, message and email message windows of your mobile phone.

You can filter, sort, and view all of your responses from calls, text, and email sources. Visual notifications let you instantly know which lead you must respond to.

5. Tag Lead Responses for Lead Nurturing based on Timeline

After the initial lead response / conversation you should have established a conversion timeline for the contact to do business with you and become a client.

Effective lead nurturing requires you to label or tag your contacts to manage the relationships by following up appropriately.

You can use a tag as a trigger to start long term nurture drip campaigns and easily filter your contact lists.

6. Nurture Leads Long Term with Automated Messaging

The majority of leads will not convert to a client or customer at the first response. Often the customers' sales cycle will require multiple follow up attempts over time.

Each of these follow-up attempts to convert leads into sales adds more "to do's" to a tasklist which again lead to overwhelm and incomplete task lists.

We have built multiple lead nurture campaigns that allow you to follow-up and check-in with leads allowing them to respond when they are ready to complete a transaction.

7. Close Sales and Nurture for Referrals

The best salespeople continue to nurture past clients to generate word of mouth referrals. This is the foundation of a CRM or "client relationship management" system.

Nurturing past clients is often simply about regular check-in's and having catch up conversations. The most effective nurture strategy is to follow up across multiple communication channels to remain omnipresent in the past client's life.

This requires, calls, text, emails, video, and social media commenting to stay top of mind.

Using our drip campaign templates or powerful scheduling and message types allows you to automate the entire life cycle from lead, prospect, contact, client, and referring raving fan.

Build Your Follow Up System with a Free Trial

You can try a free trial to build your own follow up system using CallAction.

Book a Demo Call to Discuss Your Follow Up Strategies

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