Setup Your Realogy LeadRouter with CallAction to Instantly Respond to Real Estate Leads using Intelligent Text Message Autoresponders

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How to Setup the LeadRouter Lead Management System to Send Real Estate Leads to CallAction

Instantly responding to real estate leads within 2 minutes or less can increase lead conversion rates by up to 391%. 

Now, agents, teams, and top Century 21, Coldwell Banker and other real estate brokerages using the Realogy LeadRouter lead management system can set up a powerful marketing automation integration with CallAction to guarantee every lead is responded in within 5 mins or less.

Agents receiving company real estate leads from the Realogy LeadRouter can use this integration without needing access to the LeadRouter tool by setting up an email forwarding rule below.

Real estate brokerages who want to increase company lead conversions can easily roll-out CallAction to the entire brokerage in just a few hours.

LeadRouter to CallAction Lead Flow

  1. Submitted Lead Inquiries sent to LeadRouter 

  2. LeadRouter assigns real estate leads to agent based on rules

  3. Agent receives new lead email notification from LeadRouter

  4. Email lead is sent into CallAction in one of two manners:
    a) Setup a simple email forwarding rule to send a copy of LeadRouter New Lead Notification email to agents CallAction account
    b) The agent can simply use their dedicated CallAction email address as the primary email address in their LeadRouter profile.

  5. Email lead data is parsed and data appended with lead intelligence by CallAction

  6. CallAction sends a text message to the real estate lead within 120 secs from agents personal CallAction number 

  7. When lead responds to text message, agents then jump in to continue text conversation

  8. If lead does not respond, CallAction will send 2nd follow-up text after 45 mins

  9. All leads are then automatically nurtured using our holiday video drip text campaign

Using this text message marketing automation workflow, we see lead engagement rates above 47% and dramatic increases in lead conversion rates

Setup the LeadRouter Integration

Following are detailed step by step instructions for both the email forwarding rule and how to update agents primary email address in the profile. 

We highly recommend using the second option of email forward rule settings.

1. Update LeadRouter Primary Email Address

  1. Go to LeadRouter Login (https://www.leadrouter.com/login)

  2. Click on "Profile" in top tab

  3. Click "Edit Profile" link on right side below your contact details

  4. Click "Edit" next to "Primary Email"

  5. Replace your primary email address with your CallAction email address

  6. Save changes

This is the recommend way to integrate LeadRouter with CallAction because it does not change any existing workflows and only requires the set up a simple email forwarding rule from agents email.

  1. Login to your email program 

  2. Setup a filter in your email forwarding rules for the LeadRouter New Lead Notifications using the following. (Please verify your "from:" email address)
    - From: DONOTREPLY@leadrouter.com
    - Subject: Lead Assigned

  3. Add the dedicated CallAction email as the destination email to receive a CC copy of the lead notification.

Please be sure to personalize your CallAction email settings and outbound text message. Now CallAction will receive the new email lead notifications from the LeadRouter and start the text message automation and increase your lead conversion rates.

If you have questions, please use our support chat function at the bottom right side.

Not Currently Using CallAction with LeadRouter? 

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