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How Do I Respond to a Text Message?
How Do I Respond to a Text Message?

Learn How to Reply to a Text Message using the CallAction Web App

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Respond to a Text on CallAction 

 You have received a text response to your text autoresponder message and now you need to respond. 

You can be notified of the lead response via text or email if you have lead broadcast email turned ON and you can reply to the text message via our mobile web app, your computer or iPad.  

The Most Common Error

You get the text notification and you automatically hit reply to the CallAction text notification without clicking the link. 

Doing so will send your text message reply directly back to yourself.

Here's the correct way to respond depending on your notification.

Text Message Notifications

  1. Click on the "New CallAction Lead" or "Replied Message" text message.

  2. Click below on the link with " >" or "Tap to Load Preview"

  3. Click on "Text" button on mobile app.

  4. Enter your "text response" and click "send"

Email Lead Notification

If you are receiving notification via email. 

  1. Open the CallAction email notification

  2. Click on the encrypted link started with "".

  3. You'll be automatically logged-into the client profile text window

  4. Enter your text message response

  5. Click "Send"

Still Having Trouble Responding to a Text?

Please contact us using the support live chat at right.

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