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Text Notification Settings
Text Notification Settings

Learn about the CallAction text notification settings to control your workflow.

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Text Notification Settings

CallAction sends you text notifications based on events in the system. You can turn on or off these notifications under your call settings for each phone number.

By default, all settings are turned on to ensure you are not missing any sales opportunities. Learn more about each text notification setting.

There are three text notifications sent by CallAction.

  • New Lead Notifications

  • Reply Notifications

  • Follow Up Reminders

⏰ New Lead Notification

The new lead notification is a text message you receive when you receive a new lead from a call, text or parsed email.

🔁 Reply Notification

Reply notifications are sent when a contact sends you a text message. You'll be able to see the contacts actual text reply and click the link in the notification to instantly respond to the contact.

⏱ Follow Up Reminders

These notifications help you ensure you don't forget to respond to contacts' last response.

You can turn ON or OFF any of these notifications as needed to streamline your workflow. You can mouse over the (?) for additional information of each.

How to Change Text Notification Settings

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Select Manage of the phone number you wish to adjust text notifications

  4. Click on Advanced Settings

  5. Toggle ON or OFF selected settings

  6. Click Save

There is also a Whisper notification which is a recording you hear on the inbound calls that These settings will help you control your notifications.

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