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How Do I Start a Revive Campaign?
How Do I Start a Revive Campaign?

Learn how to start your CallAction revive campaign

Updated over a week ago

Starting Your Revive Campaign

If you have uploaded your existing opt-in old contacts and recorded your revive campaign voicemails, you can start the revive campaign.

Revive campaigns will only run Monday - Friday from 9am - 6pm and only follow-up with 50 leads per day.

How to Start Your Revive Campaign

  1. Click on "Profile" (top right where your name is)

  2. Click on "Upload Contacts"
    (Note: you must have completed an onboarding call with us for access)

  3. Click on "Upload Details"
    (Note: this assumes you have already uploaded your CSV of contacts)

  4. Select "Revive: Re-engage old leads" from the drop-down on "Start Engaging Contacts"

  5. Select your 1st recorded voicemail as "1st campaign audio"

  6. Select the 2nd recorded voicemail as "2nd campaign audio"

  7. Select the 3rd recorded voicemail as "3rd campaign audio"

  8. Click "Start Revive Campaign"

Note: If you are completing this Mon-Fri before 2pm your local time, the revive campaign will start on the same day.

If you still have questions about the revive campaign, please feel free to contact our live chat in the bottom right corner or schedule a one-on-one support zoom call via the live chat also.

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