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End, Pause or Slow a Revive Campaign
End, Pause or Slow a Revive Campaign

Running a revive campaign on your old leads? Learn how to end, pause or slow down the number of leads that are being revived daily.

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Revive Campaign Settings

If you have started a revive campaign on your old leads and you'd like to make changes to the follow-up campaign you can do any of the following:

  • End: This stops all running campaigns and CANNOT be restarted. *Use with caution.

  • Pause: You can pause the campaign for up to 2 weeks then it will restart automatically to continue from the point it ended.

  • Slow Down Follow Up: If you are getting too many responses from following up with 50 contacts a day, you can slow the number of contacts from 50 down to 10 a day.

How to Change Revive Campaign Settings

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools on left navigation

  3. Click on Revive Campaigns

  4. Select the Revive Campaign you wish to make changes to

  5. Click on Details

You'll now be able to edit the following settings for the specific revive campaign.

Pause a Revive Campaign

  1. Click on Running to toggle to Paused

  2. Select a Date to automatically restart the campaign in the future

  3. Save

Follow Up Contacts per Day

  1. Select the number of contacts to follow up per day from the drop-down

  2. Save

End Revive Campaign

Caution: Once a revive campaign is ended, it cannot be restarted.

  1. Click on End

  2. Save

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