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Video Text Drip Campaigns

Learn How to Setup Video Text Campaigns in

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Send Native Video Text Messages via Drip Marketing Campaigns

Automate your long term lead nurture process using CallAction holiday text drip campaigns with video. You can stay top of mind with all of your leads using the power of video text

Before you can attach any videos to the text messages you must first create the videos and upload them to your media library

If you have already uploaded media, you are now ready to create your video text campaigns. You may also follow these same instructions on your tablet or mobile.

Let's Create Your Video Text Campaign

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Tools" then "Campaigns"

  3. Click on "Holiday Texts" button

  4. Click on "Campaign Settings" button on far right

  5. Scroll down to a holiday you want to attach a video, image, gif file to

  6. Click on "+ Media Message" to open your CallAction media library

  7. Select the media file you want to attach to your holiday text message

  8. Click "Select"

  9. You will see a thumbnail of selected video below holiday text message. You may now go to next holiday and repeat. 

  10. Click "Save All Changes" when you have attached media to all holidays.

Now you can automate your entire lead follow-up process and stay top of mind at the moments that matter most. Return to the online help section or to main CallAction

Not Using CallAction to Send Video Text Messages?

Are you are looking for intelligent automation to help you stay top of mind using the power of MMS video text messages instead of BombBomb video emails? You can take 10 minutes to setup a CallAction account to start call capture / tracking leads and automatically start sending video text message.

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