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Learn how to upload a GIF image into CallAction media library to use in a drip campaign. Increase engagement with GIFs in your campaigns

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Uploading a GIF to CallAction

GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format is an animated image. The motion of a GIF in a drip campaign can help with lead engagement.

Save a GIF to my Computer  

First, you'll need to save a GIF to your phone or computer in order to upload the GIF to CallAction. 

  1. Find a .GIF image 

  2. Click on the .GIF 

  3. Right click 

  4. Click on Save Image As...

  5. Name and save to your computer

Now you have a GIF to upload into a CallAction text drip campaign.

How to Upload a GIF 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Click on Media Library

  4. Click on Add Media

  5. Click Select Media

  6. Select your .GIF image

  7. Click Save

You can now include GIF in your drip campaigns

Add a GIF to a Drip Campaign

  1. Create or Edit a Drip Campaign

  2. Click on Message Type

  3. Select Image Text

  4. Click Add Media

  5. Select your GIF image

  6. Click Save

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