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How to Access Emojis on Desktop Computers
How to Access Emojis on Desktop Computers

πŸ’‘ Learn how to access emojis on both a πŸ–₯ Mac or πŸ’» Windows

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How to Add Emojis to Text Messages

πŸ’‘ Adding emojis πŸ˜€ to your text messages increases your lead engagement 20%. The reason is because they convey emotion which is normally conveyed by tone, cadence, facial expressions & posture with speaking with someone.Β 

We recommended adding emojis to your outbound text messages especially once engaged with clients. Β 

Adding emojis is easy from your phone or ipad but how do you do it from your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer?
Follow this simple steps to access the emoji keywords on each when you cursor is inside of a text box field.

How to Access Emojis on Mac Computer

  1. Click on "Control + Command + Space Bar" at same time

  2. Available Emojis will appearΒ 

  3. Select desired emoji

How to Access Emojis Shortcut on Windows

  1. Windows Key + period key at same time

How to Access Emojis on Windows 10 Computer

  1. Click on "Touch Keyboard" icon on right side of bottom navigation bar

  2. Click on "Smiley" icon in bottom row of keyboard

  3. Select desired emoji

πŸ˜€ Done! That was easy.

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