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Create Open House Maps
Create Open House Maps

Learn how to create custom Google maps that list all your real estate open houses on Google maps for use with text for info sign riders

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Learn How to Use Google Maps to Create a Custom Mega Open House Map

If you are holding multiple open houses, you can use the CallAction text for info to capture leads of clients interested in your open houses.  

Why Create Custom Open House Maps

  • This also improves attendance to all of your open houses with a free map your open houses available instantly via text

  • Captured lead  and allows for automated lead follow 

Items Needed for Open House Maps

  • Google Account / Email

  • CallAction account w/ Text for Info

  • List of addresses for your open houses

  • Photos & details of your open houses

Let’s Setup Your Custom Open House Map

  1. You must be logged into your Gmail account

  2. Click on Untitled Map

  3. Edit Name of Map (Tip: Use your Company name & City Open Houses for SEO purposes)

  4. Edit Description (Tip: Enter your contact info & link to your IDX websites) 

  5. Enter address in the top search bar, search for your open house listing address (Advanced Tip: if you have excel sheet of address you can bulk upload)

  6. Select the correct address from the auto-suggest

  7. Click on + Add to Map

  8. Click on Bucket Icon to Select Pin Color of Icon on Map

  9. Click on Pencil Icon to Edit Description

  10. Enter description of the property and link to listing on your IDX website. Include your contact phone.

  11. Click on Camera Icon to add photo of the property 

Next, make a shareable link of your personal Open House map

  1. Click + Share 

  2. Select On - Public on the web (for SEO purposes) or On - Anyone with the link to provide limited access.

  3. Copy Link to Share

  4. Tip: I’d recommend using a URL shortener & tracker like to make a nicer short URL & to get tracking stats on the number of people clicking to view. 

Generate Open House Leads via Text for Info.

Homebuyers often get lost trying to follow open house signs and never find the home, which is a lost opportunity for you. 

Use the CallAction text for info tool and a sign rider like the following. 

Request your sample map now!

Text Map to (657) 444-1500 to see sample of a custom open house map & the text for info experience.

Try CallAction Free for 14-days

If you are not currently a CallAction user, you can sign up for a free trial for your next open house. We have many CRM integrations and other workflows like this to help your business.

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