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Custom Hold Music or Message
Custom Hold Music or Message

Learn how to upload your own custom hold music or message to your call broadcast lead router solution

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Play Custom Hold Message to Callers During Call Broadcast

Are you using our call broadcast lead router to distribute you inbound lead calls?  Ever wanted to have your own custom commercial while users were being connected?

Now You Can.

You can upload your own personalized hold message for callers to listen to while we simultaneously ring multiple phone numbers. You also have the option to play our default message or type a custom message that will be transcribed to a voice.

Get Started

First, you need a high quality, custom hold message recording between exactly 45 secs or you can access your media library and call-in to record your own message to be played.

Upload Pre-Recorded Message to Your Media Library

You may also record your own audio files on your phone or computer and upload them directly to the media library. Please be sure to record messages as MP3 audio files for upload.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Profiles" in top right

  3. Scroll down to "Media Library"

  4. Click on green "Add Media" button

  5. Click "Choose File

  6. Click "Save all Changes"

  7. Wait for file to finish uploading to server

Note: Large files may take up to 2 mins to upload to your media library.

Call-In to Record You Own Hold Message

The simplest way to upload messages is to call in and record your messages using our voice message recording tool. 

You can record, listen and re-record audio files as needed. 

To record additional messages you must hang up and call in again.

  1. Call (323) 531-5500 using the phone number associated with your account

  2. Listen and follow the automated voice prompts

  3. Press 2 to "Start" recording

  4. Press 3 to "Stop" recording

  5. Press 4 to "Save" recording

  6. Press 5 to "Delete" and "Re-record" voice mail message

  7. Visit your media library to rename your audio recordings

Each message is recorded individually with each phone call. So simply call back again to record additional messages. 

Select Your Hold Message Music to Add to Your Call Broadcast Tool

Now that you have your custom audio in your media library, you are ready to set it as your hold message.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Numbers"

  3. Click on "Manage" next to your selected Call Broadcast Lead Router number

  4. Click on "Lead Router Settings" button 

  5. Scroll down to "Advanced Settings"

  6. Click on "+ Media" button to the right of the Broadcast Message label

  7. Click on "Audio" files tab

  8. Select your "custom hold message/music" audio file 

  9. Click "Select" button

  10. Scroll down and click "Save All Changes"

Now, callers will hear your custom hold message while CallAction calls all of the agents in your call broadcast queue.

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