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Altos Research Email Integration
Altos Research Email Integration

How to integrate Altos Research / & to sync data between services to automatically follow-up & nurture leads

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Setup a Powerful Altos Research / CallAction Integration

If you capture leads using CallAction or Altos Research those leads should be either engaged instantly or nurtured long-term.

Watch a webinar with Altos Research on how to use housing data to generate free real estate leads.

Below is a powerful integration showing you how to integrate the solutions to compliment each other with marketing automation to improve your end goal of increased closings and improved GCI.

How to Instantly Engage New Altos Research Market Report Registrations

Integration exports new Altos leads into your CallAction account to instantly engage leads via CallAction text messages or custom drip campaigns

First steps on CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "manage" of the "Phone Number" you will use for text engagement

  3. Click on "Email Settings"

  4. Copy your "CallAction Email"

Next on Altos Research

  1. Go to your Altos Research LoginClick on your "Name" in top rightClick "Integrations"Paste your "CallAction email address" into "Boomtown Email or Other Lead Meta Data.."Click "Save"

  2. Click on your "Name" in top right

  3. Click "Integrations"

  4. Paste your "CallAction email address" into "Boomtown Email or Other Lead Meta Data.."



Every lead created in Altos will automatically be synced to CallAction in real-time and base on your CallAction email settings, either a text message will be sent or a CallAction custom drip campaign will be assigned and queued to your new lead. 

Additionally, if you have a real estate CRM integration in CallAction to CINC, Follow Up Boss, Top Producer, etc. you'll lead will be created in that CRM also saving you data-entry time.

How to Capture Leads with Altos Research "Click to Call" Button

55% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Use a CallAction phone number on the Altos Research "Call Me" click to call button in the Altos market report header to make it easy to capture inbound leads!

  1. Select an existing CallAction phone number or create a new CallAction call capture number

  2. Login to your account

  3. Click on the red "Customize Reports" button

  4. Enter your CallAction number into "Call Me Phone Number" field

  5. Click "Save"

Any user that receives your Altos Research Market report can now simply "click to call" and you will capture their contact info. into your CallAction account. 

How to Automatically Opt-in CallAction Leads into Altos Research Email Campaigns

If you are sending Zillow, Realtor or other email leads into CallAction for instant engagement, you can now also send a copy of those leads into your Altos Research account. Evey lead will automatically be nurtured long-term with a weekly dynamic real estate market conditions email drip campaign.

These market condition reports are great to generate conversations and you can automatically assign our custom Altos drip campaign template that will engage the leads by asking if they had any questions about the report.

First, get your Altos email address

  1. Login to your Altos account

  2. Click on your "Name" in top right for your account settings

  3. Click on "Integrations"

  4. Copy your "CRM to Altos Integration" email address

Next, go to CallAction

Now we will pass the Altos email into your CallAction email settings and set the "lead export"

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click on "Manage" next to CallAction phone number you want to use

  4. Click on "Email Settings" and t

  5. Turn "On" Lead Export" and paste your "" email into field

  6. Click "Save"

Now, every lead that is received into CallAction via email will be sent directly into your Altos account and opted into your Altos real estate market condition emails.

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Take 5 minutes to create your account now and start running this integration.

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